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Maryland Road Closures

Road Closures in the State of Maryland provided by Maryland Department of Transportation Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (MDOT CHART). Road Closures created by local jurisdictions are not included as part of this dataset.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
countycountycountyTextCounty of Road Closure
incidentincidentincidentTextDescription of Road Closure Incident
directiondirectiondirectionTextDirection(s) of Lane Closure(s)
laneslaneslanesTextNumber of Lanes Closed
linklinklinkTextURL to Road Closure Incident
createdcreatedcreatedTextDate Incident Created on
latlatlatTextLatitude of Road Closure
longlonglongTextLongitude of Road Closure
updatedupdatedupdatedTextDate Incident Last Updated
locationlocationlocationPointPoint Coordinates
  • maryland_road_closures
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