Maryland WIC Average State Fiscal Year Participation, 2007-2016

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Maryland WIC Average State Fiscal Year Participation, 2007-2016

‡Baltimore City includes Baltimore City Health Department, Johns Hopkins, and University WIC participation numbers for 2007-2009. 2009-2016 Includes BCHD and JH participation.

  • Montgomery is run by Community Clinic Inc, and includes participants from CCI's Greenbelt clinic.

† Prince George's includes Prince George's Health Department and Greater Baden participation numbers.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SFY 2011sfy_2011sfy_2011Number
SFY 2010sfy_2010sfy_2010Number
SFY 2007sfy_2007sfy_2007Number
SFY 2012sfy_2012sfy_2012Number
SFY 2015sfy_2015sfy_2015Number
SFY 2013sfy_2013sfy_2013Number
SFY 2009sfy_2009sfy_2009Number
SFY 2008sfy_2008sfy_2008Number
SFY 2014sfy_2014sfy_2014Number
SFY 2016sfy_2016sfy_2016Number

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