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Per Capita County Expenditures By Category – Fiscal Year 2010

Per Capita County Expenditures By Category – Fiscal Year 2010

Per capita dollars for each county's expenditures towards general government, public safety, public works, health and social services, education and libraries, parks and recreation, and debt service. Source: Local Government Finances Fiscal 2010 (Department of Legislative Services), via Overview of Maryland Local Governments Finances and Demographic Information (Department of Legislative Services, 2012. Link:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Debt Servicedebt_servicedebt_serviceNumber
Public Safetypublic_safetypublic_safetyNumber
Public Workspublic_workspublic_worksNumber
Health/ Social Serviceshealth_social_serviceshealth_social_servicesNumber
Education/ Librarieseducation_librarieseducation_librariesNumber
Parks & Recreationparks_recreationparks_recreationNumber
General Governmentgeneral_governmentgeneral_governmentNumber

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