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Governor's Executive Budget Program Measures SFY 2016 - Current Annual Statewide Milk Marketing Board

The information included in this dataset is for the Governor’s Executive Budget and provides key Program Measures by Agency or Office.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
100% compliance with producer security requirements of the Milk Producers’ Security Act_100_compliance_with_producer_100_compliance_with_producerNumberThis measure represents the percentage of compliance with the Milk Producers’ Security Act, which provides protection for milk producers against non-payment by milk dealers. Throughout the year auditors check each dealer’s bond amount posted against the dealer’s producer payment obligation. When a dealer’s audited monthly producer obligation exceeds the amount of bond posted, the Director of Enforcement and Staff Attorney review the data and determine if a mid-year bond increase is required.
Audits of milk dealers for compliance with milk sales rules and regulationsaudits_of_milk_dealers_foraudits_of_milk_dealers_forNumberThe measure represents the number of audits conducted to ensure compliance with milk sales rules and regulations. Milk Marketing Board auditors review these reports to determine if a milk dealer has made proper advance and final payments to Pennsylvania producers. The auditor review verifies the amount of producer milk purchased and how the producer milk was used. Once the accuracy of the reported information is determined the auditor then can properly assess the minimum value of the producer milk. Any payments found to be inadequate are required to be included in the next month’s payment. The audits of the producer valuation and payment process provide assurance to Pennsylvania dairy farmers that they a being paid properly.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextFiscal year for which the program measure values in this row are applicable. Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23 are estimated amounts based on agency projections.
General and cost replacement hearings held to determine dealer and retailer costsgeneral_and_cost_replacementgeneral_and_cost_replacementNumberThis measure represents the number of general and cost replacement hearings held to determine dealer and retailer costs. These costs are based on the weighted average costs of a representative cross section of milk dealers doing business in each of the areas.
Public hearings held to consider the level and duration of the Class 1 over-order premiumpublic_hearings_held_topublic_hearings_held_toNumberThis measure represents the number of public hearings held to consider the level and duration of the Class 1 over-order premium. The over-order premium is an amount that is paid to Pennsylvania producers over the applicable Federal Order price for Class 1 (beverage) milk produced, processed, and sold in Pennsylvania.
Percentage of producer payments made adequately and on timepercentage_of_producerpercentage_of_producerNumberThis metric is calculated by obtaining the value of all licensed dealer payments to producers accurately and on time and dividing that value by the total value of all payments made to or due to producers.
Budget Book Budget Yearbudget_book_budget_yearbudget_book_budget_yearTextThis is the State Fiscal Year when the program measure numbers in this row were submitted for the Governor's Executive Budget Book.
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