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Radon Test Results September 1986 - Current Annual County Environmental Protection

Radon Test Results September 1986 - Current Annual County Environmental Protection

PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Radon Test Result Data provided to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the National Environmental Information Exchange Network as requested, to State and Nationally Authorized Trading Partners. Data includes Radon Test Results measured value, test type, building location (where test was performed), county, city, zip code and date test was completed. Includes data from 1989 through March, 2017.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Radon Data Identifierradon_data_identifierradon_data_identifierTextA unique identifier for each Radon Test Result.
Census Tractcensus_tractcensus_tractNumberThis is a 11 character code known maintained by the US Census Bureau known as the 'Census Code'. It's last 6 characters is the true federally acceptable 'Census Tract' number. This field identifies a particular tract using an 11-digit code consisting of a 2- digit code for the state, a 3-digit code for the county (either of which may include one or more "leading" zeros), and 6 digits for the census tract (including any leading zeros, and also two zeros in the many cases in which the basic tract code has no suffix). Census Tract was a new column added to the national schema definition by CDC in 2017, due to the sensitivity of the actual location address information. It is more granular than zip code and the most detailed test result location permitted due to address confidentiality requirements.
Test Start Datetest_start_datetest_start_dateCalendar dateStart Date of the Radon Test.
Building Purposebuilding_purpose_codebuilding_purpose_codeTextThe designator that represents the building purpose.
Municipality Namemunicipality_namemunicipality_nameTextThe name of the municipality.
Radon Data Source Nameradon_data_source_nameradon_data_source_nameTextThe data source where the test data is retrieved.
Measure Valuemeasure_valuemeasure_valueNumberThe recorded dimension, capacity, quality, or amount of something ascertained by measuring or observing.
Building Typebuilding_type_codebuilding_type_codeTextThe designator that represents the Type of the building purpose.
Test End Datetest_end_datetest_end_dateCalendar dateEnd Date of the Radon Test.
County Namecounty_namecounty_nameTextA name used to identify a primary geopolitical unit of the world.
State Codestate_codestate_codeTextA code designation used to identify a principal administrative subdivision of the United States, Canada, or Mexico
Test Method Type Codetest_method_type_codetest_method_type_codeTextIdentifier of the type or category of method.
County Codecounty_codecounty_codeTextThe code that represents the county.
Radon Test Result Identifierradon_test_result_identifierradon_test_result_identifierNumberThe unique identifier assigned for each Radon Test Result.
Mitigation Systemmitigation_system_indicatormitigation_system_indicatorTextSpecify the type of Mitigation System
Building Sub Typebuilding_sub_type_codebuilding_sub_type_codeTextThe designator that represents the Sub-Type of the building purpose.
Test Floor Leveltest_floor_level_texttest_floor_level_textTextThe floor level in the building where the Radon test was conducted.
Address Postal Codeaddress_postal_codeaddress_postal_codeTextThe combination of the 5-digit Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code and the four-digit extension code (if available) that represents the geographic segment that is a subunit of the ZIP Code, assigned by the U.S. Postal Service to a geographic location to facilitate mail delivery; or the postal zone specific to the country, other than the U.S., where the mail is delivered.

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