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Trails Simple Geometry

Trail Access Lines geospatial data.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
In Line FIDinline_fidinline_fidNumberIn Line FID
Shape St Length()shape_stlengthshape_stlengthNumberShape st Length
MilesmilesmilesNumberMileage of the trail segment
AccoladeaccoladeaccoladeTextRecognized accolades (such as trail of the year)
Acct IDacct_idacct_idNumberUnique numeric ID for trail point feature
CommentscommentscommentsTextAdditional Other Comments
UpdateupdateupdateDateDate trail was last updated in database
TototoTextPlace name for the ending point of trail
FromfromfromTextPlace name for beginning point of trail
Second Larger Trail Namename03name03TextName of second larger trail network that contains trail
Larger Trail Namename02name02TextName of larger trail network that contains trail
Trail Local Namename01name01TextLocal Name of the Trail
Object IDobjectidobjectidNumberObject Identification
MethodmethodmethodNumberStatus of trail segment (Listed as no longer used in their data
Road or Trail SegmentrortrortNumberIs trail segment on a road or trail?
Rail LinerailinerailineNumberIs trail located on a former rail corridor?
ADA Accessada_accessada_accessNumberIs the trail segment ADA accessible
Water Trailwater_trailwater_trailNumberIs the trail a water trail
Trail IDtrailidtrailidNumberIdentification that is needed for the Website
The Geomthe_geomthe_geomMultiLineThe Geometrical point
StatusstatusstatusNumberStatus of trail segment
DifficultydifficultydifficultyNumberDifficulty rating of the trail
Description of Webdescription_for_webdescription_for_webTextWeb description of trail
DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextBrief description of trail and any interesting experiences/vistas found on trail
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