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Strategic Performance Measures

Strategic Performance Measures

Complete set of strategic-level performance measures with current and historic metric values.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MetricNamemetricnamemetricnameTextThe short name of the performance indicator.
MeasureCalcMethodmeasurecalcmethodmeasurecalcmethodTextA description of calculations used to derive the measure from the source data.
MeasureUnitmeasureunitmeasureunitTextThe unit in which the indicator value is expressed. For example, dollars, minutes, etc.
MostRecentmostrecentmostrecentTextAn indicator of the most recent set of data.
MarginOfErrormarginoferrormarginoferrorNumberThe margin of error associated with the corresponding measurement value.
UpdateFrequencyupdatefrequencyupdatefrequencyTextThe frequency at which the performance indicator is updated.
MetricDescriptionmetricdescriptionmetricdescriptionTextThe description of the performance indicator.
PriorityAreapriorityareapriorityareaTextThe strategic priority area with which the performance indicator is associated.
DataSourcedatasourcedatasourceTextThe source of the data used to quantify the performance measure.
MetricValuemetricvaluemetricvalueNumberThe quantity assigned to the performance measure for the corresponding metric date.
MetricDatemetricdatemetricdateCalendar date
MeasureTypemeasuretypemeasuretypeTextThe type of measure used for the performance indicator. For example, count, percentage, currency, etc.
IDididNumberUnique ID for each performance indicator.
StatusstatusstatusTextIndicates whether the measure is actively being tracked.
CategorycategorycategoryTextA category term used to enable grouping of metric values for the purpose of reporting and graphically displaying performance measure data.
SegmentsegmentsegmentTextThe place or geographic unit to which the metric value applies.

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