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Child Support Legal Action Results

This data set includes information about child support and parentage actions completed by Ramsey County Child Support staff. Data includes the date the case opened, the date the legal action ended, the result of the legal action, and the number of days to reach the end result.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Days to Legal Action Resultdays_to_letl_resultdays_to_letl_resultNumberThis column represents the number of days from the date the case opened to the date the legal action ended.
Legal Action Resultletl_resultletl_resultTextThis column represents the result of each legal action.
Legal Action End Dateletl_date_endletl_date_endCalendar dateThis column represents the date each legal action ended with or without a court order.
Legal Action Typeletl_typeletl_typeTextThis column represents the type of legal action; Child Support Only or Child Support Plus Determining Legal Parentage. Child Support Only actions establish only child support because legal parentage has already been determined. Child Support Plus Parentage actions establish legal parentage and child support.
Case Open Datecase_open_datecase_open_dateCalendar dateThis column represents the date the child support case opened.
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