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Child Support Services Collection and Establishment Rates

Child Support Services Collection and Establishment Rates

This data set includes the Ramsey County Child Support Services Current Support Collection and Establishment amounts and rates for each Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) beginning with FFY ending 09/30/2010. The Federal Fiscal Year is 10/01/xxxx to 09/30/xxxx each year. Also included is the total number of contacts with case parents/caregivers by calendar year.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Average Number of Contacts Per Caseaverage_number_of_contacts_per_open_caseaverage_number_of_contacts_per_open_caseNumberThis number is the total personal contacts by year divided by the number of open cases by year.
Total Personal Contacts by Yeartotal_personal_contacts_by_yeartotal_personal_contacts_by_yearNumberThis data is a count of the total number of telephone, in-person, and web-message contacts with parents/caregivers each year.
Total Support Distributedtotal_support_distributedtotal_support_distributedNumberTotal amount of current and past support collections distributed during the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) from 10/01/XXXX through 09/30/XXXX.
Federal Fiscal Year Endfederal_fiscal_year_endfederal_fiscal_year_endCalendar dateChild Support Federal Fiscal Year is October 1 through September 30 each year.
Open Casesopen_casesopen_casesNumberTotal number of open child support cases.

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