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Financial Assistance Services Aggregated Lobby Data

Count of lobby visits for a cash or food interview each month with two timeliness measures.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Total Appointmentstotal_appointmentstotal_appointmentsNumber
Date of Visitdate_of_visitdate_of_visitCalendar date
Wait Time 1 Hour or Lesswait_time_1_hour_or_lesswait_time_1_hour_or_lessNumberWait time between contact and interview was 1 hour or less.
Percent Within 30 Minutespercent_within_30_minutespercent_within_30_minutesNumber
Wait Time 30 Minutes or Lesswait_time_30_minutes_or_lesswait_time_30_minutes_or_lessNumberWait time between contact and interview was 30 minutes or less.
Percent Within 1 Hourpercent_within_1_hourpercent_within_1_hourNumber
  • financial_assistance_services_aggregated_lobby
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