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Waste Diverted from Landfills Data

Waste Diverted from Landfills Data

Organic waste includes things like food scraps and non-recyclable paper (tissues, paper towels, etc.) Recycling organics helps the environment by avoiding methane emissions that contribute to global climate change. It also returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Percent Landfilledpercent_landfilledpercent_landfilledNumber
Percent Divertedpercent_divertedpercent_divertedNumber
Landfill Tonslandfill_tonslandfill_tonsNumber
TOTAL Tonstotal_tonstotal_tonsNumber
Recource Recovery Tonsrecource_recovery_tonsrecource_recovery_tonsNumber
Organics Tonsorganics_tonsorganics_tonsNumber
Recycling Tonsrecycling_tonsrecycling_tonsNumber

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