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COVID-19 Booster vaccinations among county residents by race/ethnicity

The dataset provides number of county residents who are Booster vaccinated by Race/Ethnicity. Number of people who completed 1st Booster Vaccinations. Source: California Immunization Registry. This table is updated Monday-Friday and will not be updated on holidays.

Counties are experiencing temporary fluctuations in vaccination data received from the State of California due to a data reconciliation process involving integration of vaccination data systems by the State. The data reconciliation process and associated fluctuations in county vaccination are expected to be resolved by May 2022


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
eligible_not_boostedeligible_not_boostedeligible_not_boostedNumberTotal people in this group (Eligible and Boosted)
pct_elig_boostedpct_elig_boostedpct_elig_boostedTextPercent of Eligible people in this group who are boosted
nn_booster_2n_booster_2NumberNumber of people in this group who have received Booster
n_eligiblen_eligible_2n_eligible_2NumberNumber of people in this group who are eligible for booster
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