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COVID-19 hospitalizations by date

The dataset provides information on the number of hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Data on hospitalized patients are provided by reporting hospitals and represent a snapshot of the hospitals’ patient census and capacity at that point in time. These data may vary greatly day to day as they are only accurate at the time hospitals report the data. Source: Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services. Data Notes: A Person Under Investigation (PUI) is an individual that is believed to have COVID-19 based on symptoms. New COVID-19 patients represent either newly admitted patients with COVID-19 or PUIs already hospitalized that then test positive for COVID-19. Percent represents the percentage of staffable beds for each level of care that are occupied by patients with COVID-19. Percentages are provided as a rolling 7-day average.

This data table was updated for the last time on May 24, 2021. To access more recent hospitalization data please visit the state’s open data portal here.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
icu_total_patientsicu_total_patientsicu_total_patientsNumberNumber of total ICU patients
non_icu_othernon_icu_othernon_icu_otherNumberNumber of other patients not in ICU
non_icu_cap_pct_7davgnon_icu_cap_pct_7davgnon_icu_cap_pct_7davgNumberThe seven day rolling average percent of staffable non-surge non-ICU hospital beds that are available
cap_pct_7davg_totalcap_pct_7davg_totalcap_pct_7davg_totalNumberThe seven day rolling average percent of staffable non-surge hospital beds that are available
non_icu_covid_pct_7davgnon_icu_covid_pct_7davgnon_icu_covid_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases not in ICU
icu_covid_pct_7davgicu_covid_pct_7davgicu_covid_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases in ICU
available_totalavailable_totalavailable_totalNumberTotal number of staffable hospital beds that are available
covid_pui_pct_7davgcovid_pui_pct_7davgcovid_pui_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases and PUI combined
covid_pct_7davgcovid_pct_7davgcovid_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases
pui_total_7davgpui_total_7davgpui_total_7davgNumberThe seven day rolling average of PUIs in hospital beds
pui_totalpui_totalpui_totalNumberNumber of PUI
non_icu_covid_pui_pct_7davgnon_icu_covid_pui_pct_7davgnon_icu_covid_pui_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases and PUI combined not in ICU
covid_newcovid_newcovid_newNumberNumber of new COVID cases
icu_puiicu_puiicu_puiNumberNumber of person under investigation (PUI) in ICU
icu_othericu_othericu_otherNumberNumber of other patients in ICU
icu_covid_pui_pct_7davgicu_covid_pui_pct_7davgicu_covid_pui_pct_7davgNumber7-day average percent of COVID cases and PUI combined in ICU
covid_totalcovid_totalcovid_totalNumberNumber of total COVID cases
non_icu_availablenon_icu_availablenon_icu_availableNumberNumber of non-ICU beds available
vents_availablevents_availablevents_availableNumberNumber of ventilators available
vents_ptsvents_ptsvents_ptsNumberNumber of patients on ventilators
icu_available_under_typicalicu_available_under_typicalicu_available_under_typicalNumberNumber of ICU beds remaining before standard maximum capacity is reached
typical_non_icu_occupied_pcttypical_non_icu_occupied_pcttypical_non_icu_occupied_pctNumberPercent of standard capacity non-ICU beds occupied
icu_availableicu_availableicu_availableNumberNumber of ICU beds available
non_icu_typical_capacitynon_icu_typical_capacitynon_icu_typical_capacityNumberTypical non-ICU capacity
non_icu_covid_pctnon_icu_covid_pctnon_icu_covid_pctNumberPercent of non-ICU beds with COVID-19 patients
other_totalother_totalother_totalNumberTotal number of other patients in hospital beds
non_icu_covidnon_icu_covidnon_icu_covidNumberNumber of COVID cases not in ICU
covid_total_7davgcovid_total_7davgcovid_total_7davgNumberThe seven day rolling average of COVID-19 patients in hospital beds
icu_covid_pcticu_covid_pcticu_covid_pctNumberPercent of ICU beds with COVID-19 patients
non_icu_total_patientsnon_icu_total_patientsnon_icu_total_patientsNumberNumber of total non-ICU patients
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate of report
icu_covidicu_covidicu_covidNumberNumber of COVID cases in intensive care unit (ICU)
non_icu_puinon_icu_puinon_icu_puiNumberNumber of person under investigation (PUI) not in ICU
icu_cap_pct_7davgicu_cap_pct_7davgicu_cap_pct_7davgNumberThe seven day rolling average percent of staffable non-surge ICU hospital beds that are available
non_icu_cap_pct_1daynon_icu_cap_pct_1daynon_icu_cap_pct_1dayNumberPercent of non-ICU beds currently available (including staffed surge beds)
icu_typical_capacityicu_typical_capacityicu_typical_capacityNumberTypical ICU capacity
non_icu_available_under_typicalnon_icu_available_under_typicalnon_icu_available_under_typicalNumberNumber of non-ICU beds remaining before standard maximum capacity is reached
icu_cap_pct_1dayicu_cap_pct_1dayicu_cap_pct_1dayNumberPercent of ICU beds currently available (including staffed surge beds)
typical_icu_occupied_pcttypical_icu_occupied_pcttypical_icu_occupied_pctNumberPercent of standard capacity ICU beds occupied
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