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2019 SoCo Alert Details

2019 SoCo Alert Details

Sonoma County uses multiple, redundant alert mechanisms to warn the community when there is an emergency. These include SoCo Alert, Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA’s) and the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The Sheriff’s Office also sends Nixle alerts. Learn how to stay informed here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MobileApp Message TransmissionmobileappmobileappTextWas the message transmitted by Mobile Application?
Channel NamechannelnamechannelnameTextThe Integrated Public Alert & Warning System channels that were included.
CMAM TextcmamtextcmamtextTextWireless Emergency Alerts message contents (Wireless Emergency Alerts/Cell Phones)
Mobile Messagemobile_msgmobile_msgTextThe transcript of the message transmitted to the Mobile Application.
Text Messagetext_msgtext_msgTextThe transcript of the message transmitted by text.
Alert Map LinkurlurlURLMap of alert area.
Message TextmessagetextmessagetextTextEmergency Alert System message contents (Emergency Alerting System/Boradcast Stations/Radios)
AddressaddressaddressTextThe building number has been redacted.
SMS Message Transmissionsms_1sms_1TextWas the message transmitted by SMS?
Date LauncheddatelauncheddatelaunchedCalendar dateThe date and time the alert was sent.
Launch IdentificationlaunchidlaunchidTextCodeRED/OnSovle assigns an alert ID number for every notification. This is a computer generated ID number to track the alert
PhonephonephoneNumberThe number of phones registered to the address.
SMSsmssmsNumberThe number of SMS capable devices registered to the address.
Email Message Transmissionemail_1email_1TextWas the message transmitted by Email?
Expiration DateexpirationdateexpirationdateCalendar dateThe date and time the alert expires.
Email Messageemail_msgemail_msgTextThe transcript of the message transmitted by Email.
EmailemailemailNumberThe number of emails registered to the address.
VoicevoicevoiceTextWas the message transmitted by Voice?

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