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Defaulted Tax Data

Defaulted Tax Data

County of Sonoma Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector listing of defaulted tax data. The data provided indicates prior year delinquent tax information as of July 1st in this current fiscal tax year.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BilledStructuralImprValuebilledstructuralimprvaluebilledstructuralimprvalueNumberAssessment billed for structural improvements value on property.
MailAddress4mailaddress4mailaddress4TextAddress line 3 when MailAddr1 is C/O or DBA.
Redeemed_Dateredeemed_dateredeemed_dateTextDate default record is payed.
SITUS_City_Statelocation_city_statelocation_city_stateTextThe city state location of the property.
DefaultAmtdefaultamtdefaultamtNumber1st year of defaulted tax and penalties. Base Tax amount + Ten Percent Penalty + Cost Charge
Assessment_Numberassessment_numberassessment_numberText1st 3 Characters = Book, 2nd 3 Characters = Page, 3rd 3 Characters = Parcel, 4th 3 Characters = Sub Parcel
Cost_Chargecost_chargecost_chargeNumberSecond installment penalty cost charge.
ExistsBankruptcyexistsbankruptcyexistsbankruptcyTextA bankruptcy exists on the assessment.
Exemption_Amount2exemption_amount2exemption_amount2NumberThe amount of the exemption
Exemption_Code2exemption_code2exemption_code2TextCode = Description, E01 = Homeowner, E04 = Disabled Vet Spouse 100,000, E06 = Disabled Vet 100,000, E08 = Welfare-Charitable, E16 = Cemetery, E17 = Church, E18 = Free Museum/Library, E21 = Public School, E22 = Religious-One Time Filing, E97 = Hox Penalty (used for roll corrections), E99 = Low Value
Tax_Rate_Areatax_rate_areatax_rate_areaNumberThe original tax rate area for a delinquent assessment.
Ten_Percent_Penalty_Amountten_percent_penality_amountten_percent_penality_amountNumberPenalty amount for the Base_Tax_Amount. Always set, delinquent or not.
SITUS_Addresslocation_addresslocation_addressTextThe street address location of the property.
TaxYeartaxyeartaxyearTextTax rate year.
FullRedemptionPaidfullredemptionpaidfullredemptionpaidNumberPrior year taxes paid.
Base_Tax_Amountbase_tax_amountbase_tax_amountNumberTotal tax amount for the 2nd installment.
Bill_Datebill_datebill_dateTextThe date the bill was printed.
Assessment_Roll_Yearassessment_roll_yearassessment_roll_yearTextThe year the bill was placed on the tax roll.
Exemption_Code1exemption_code1exemption_code1TextCode = Description, E01 = Homeowner, E04 = Disabled Vet Spouse 100,000, E06 = Disabled Vet 100,000, E08 = Welfare-Charitable, E16 = Cemetery, E17 = Church, E18 = Free Museum/Library, E21 = Public School, E22 = Religious-One Time Filing, E97 = Hox Penalty (used for roll corrections), E99 = Low Value
Originating_Assessmentoriginating_assessmentoriginating_assessmentTextThe parcel that originated the tax bill.
Taxability CodetaxabilitytaxabilityNumberCode = Description, 0 = Normal Ownership, 1 = Business, Ownership, 2 = Zero Value Property, 10 = Senior Citizens Postponement, 12 = Low Value Real Property, 34 = Taxable Gov’t Entity Section 11, 44 = Gov’t Restricted Affordable Housing, 50 = Property Under CLCA, 51 = Property under CLCA/Business, 60 = Tax Postponed (Sr Citizens Postponement), 70 = Common Area, 600 = Timber Preserve, 800 = Prop 8 Reduction-Manual, 801 = Prop 8 Reduction w Bus/Manual, 850 = Prop 8 w/Contract CLCA, 860 = Prop 8 Tax Postponed, 870 = Prop 8 Value Uploaded, 871 = Prop 8 Automatic Reduction w/business
IsAgPreserveisagpreserveisagpreserveTextThe property is an agricultural preserve.
BilledPersonalPropMHValuebilledpersonalpropmhvaluebilledpersonalpropmhvalueNumberhe billed amount of personal property mobile home value on the assessment.
BilledFixedImprValuebilledfixedimprvaluebilledfixedimprvalueNumberAssessment billed for fixed improvements value on property.
Collection_Code2collection_code2collection_code2TextSet when payment is recorded.
BilledPersonalPropValuebilledpersonalpropvaluebilledpersonalpropvalueNumberThe billed amount of personal property value on the assessment.
FeeParcelfeeparcelfeeparcelTextThe parcel where the assessment is located.
Originating_Assessment_Numberoriginating_assessment_numberoriginating_assessment_numberTextThe original assessment number on parcel splits.
Exemption_Amount1exemption_amount1exemption_amount1NumberThe amount of the exemption.
SaleNoticeDatesalenoticedatesalenoticedateTextWhen property becomes 5 years delinquent and the tax collector records the power to sell.
MailAddress1mailaddress1mailaddress1TextAddress line 1 or C/O or DBA (Doing Business As)
Default_Datedefault_datedefault_dateTextThe date the assessment defaulted.
BilledLandValuebilledmarketlandvaluebilledmarketlandvalueNumberBill value. If an original bill, amount represents total value. If original bill is paid, amount represents net change. If reassessment results in a lower value, amount shown could be negative.
BilledGrowingImprValuebilledgrowingimprvaluebilledgrowingimprvalueNumberAssessment billed for agricultural improvements value on property.
DefaultNumdefaultnumdefaultnumTextSystematically assigned number for secured records that go unpaid past their fiscal year.
MailAddress3mailaddress3mailaddress3TextAddress line 2 when MailAddress1 is C/O or DBA. In all other cases City, State, zip
BilledNetValuebillednetvaluebillednetvalueNumberThe billed net value of the assessment.
Paid_Amountpaid_amountpaid_amountNumberThis represents the tax amount paid - Base_Tax_Amount + Ten_Percent_Penalty_Amount (if paid) + Cost_Charge (if paid) for redemptions.
Redemption_Penalty_Paidsecured_delinq_penality_amt_paidsecured_delinq_penality_amt_paidNumberThe interest calculated for assessment from July 1st of the fiscal year through paid as of date.
RedemptionTotalFeesredemptiontotalfeesredemptiontotalfeesNumberTotal redemption fees paid.
MailAddress2mailaddress2mailaddress2TextAddress line 2 except when MailAddress1 is C/O or DBA.

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