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Nixle Alert Data

Nixle Alert Data

Information transmitted to members of the community during the 2017 Sonoma County Fire Complex.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SMS Endsms_endsms_endTextThe date and time when Nixle finished delivering all phone numbers to our SMS provider for distribution
Time and Date CreatedcreatedcreatedTextThe date and time created.
Identification NumberididNumberThe event identification number.
SMS Stopssms_stopssms_stopsNumberNumber of STOP replies from end-users.
SMS Forwardssms_forwardssms_forwardsNumberNumber of end-users who replied with a mobile phone number to have the message forwarded to friends/family.
Published Timepublished_timepublished_timeTextThe date and time "Send" was clicked.
SMS Startsms_startsms_startTextThe date and time when Nixle started delivering phone numbers to our SMS provider for distribution.
Count of Emails Sentemail_countemail_countNumberThe number of emails sent.
SMS Countsms_countsms_countNumberThe number of SMS messages sent.
Entire Alert Message LinkpubliclinkpubliclinkURLThe entire alert message sent.

Upstream Metadata