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SoCo Alert Details

SoCo Alert Details

SoCo Alerts sent to residents during the Sonoma Complex Fires arranged by launch identification number and date, including audio of the SoCo Alert messages sent.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Last Namelast_namelast_nameTextThis information has been redacted.
Organization Nameorganization_nameorganization_nameText
Source Typesource_typesource_typeTextThis is the data source type: CNE = Community Notification Enrollment, E911 = Emergency 911, National Call = data provided by OnSolve.
Final Dispositionfinal_dispositionfinal_dispositionTextBY = Busy (Phone in use), DA = Delivered Automated (Answering machine answered), DL = Live Delivery (The phone was answered), FX = Fax (Fax machine answered), OI = Operator Interrupt (Tri-Tones error message), TO = Call Timed Out (No answer to call)
First Namefirst_namefirst_nameTextThis information has been redacted.
Alert Mapalert_mapalert_mapURLMap URL
Message Transcriptmessage_transcriptmessage_transcriptText
Recorded Message Audio Secondaryrecorded_message_audio_secondaryrecorded_message_audio_secondaryURL
Call Timecall_timecall_timeCalendar date
Display Descriptiondisplay_descriptiondisplay_descriptionTextBusy (Phone in use), Delivered Automated (Answering machine answered), Live Delivery (The phone was answered), Fax (Fax machine answered), Operator Interrupt (Tri-Tones error message), Call Timed Out (No answer to call)
Key Presskey_presskey_pressText
Launch Identificationlaunch_identificationlaunch_identificationNumber
Phone Numberphone_numberphone_numberTextThis information has been redacted.
SMS Statussms_statussms_statusText
EmailemailemailTextEmail Address redacted.
Email Confirmationemail_confirmationemail_confirmationText
AddressaddressaddressTextThe building number has been redacted.
Call Lengthcall_lengthcall_lengthNumberTime in seconds.
Recorded Message Audiorecorded_message_audiorecorded_message_audioURL
SMS Numbersms_numbersms_numberTextThe number used to send a SMS, or TEXT, message. This information has been redacted.

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