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Sonoma County Construction Permits

Sonoma County Construction Permits

Construction Permit application information in unincorporated Sonoma County parcels for the past 48 months.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AddressaddressaddressTextThe street address were the permitted development is to occur.
Record Typeapplication_typeapplication_typeTextThe type of permit or record.
Permit StatusstatusstatusTextThe status of the permit or record. Started: Application has been received by Permit Sonoma and entered into permit database. Approved for Plan Check: Application has been determined to be complete and ready for a Building Plans Examiner to review. Plan Check Approved: Building Plans Examiner has reviewed and approved the application. Pre-Issue: Application is approved and Permit Technician has assessed permit fees and invoiced the customer. Issued: Customer has paid permit fees and inspections can be scheduled. Finaled: All required inspections have been satisfactorily completed.
StartedstartedstartedCalendar dateThe date the permit application was accepted.
ValuevaluevalueNumberThe value of the construction.
Permit DescriptiondescriptiondescriptionTextA brief description of the project.
Assessors Parcel Numberassessors_parcel_numberassessors_parcel_numberTextThe parcel were the permitted development is to occur.
TotFeetotfeetotfeeNumberThe total of all fees paid.
Record Numberfile_numberfile_numberTextThe unique identifier for each permit or record.
IssuedissuedissuedCalendar dateThe date the permit was issued, allowing construction to begin.

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