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OxCOVID19 database (Understanding the Global Impact of COVID-19 through Data Science)

OxCOVID19 database

This is a proxy to the OxCOVID19 Database, a large, single-centre, multimodal relational database consisting of information (using acknowledged Sources) related to COVID-19 pandemic.


You can query the data through the Splitgraph DDN with SQL, for example:

FROM "splitgraph/oxcovid19"."administrative_division"
LIMIT 100;

You can also access the data through a REST API, for example:

curl -s https://data.splitgraph.com/splitgraph/oxcovid19/latest/-/rest/epidemiology?and=(countrycode.eq.GBR,adm_area_3.eq.Oxford)&limit=1&order=date.desc


Adam Mahdi, Piotr Błaszczyk, Paweł Dłotko, Dario Salvi, Tak-Shing Chan, John Harvey, Davide Gurnari, Yue Wu, Ahmad Farhat, Niklas Hellmer, Alexander Zarebski, Bernie Hogan, Lionel Tarassenko, Oxford COVID-19 Database: a multimodal data repository for better understanding the global impact of COVID-19. University of Oxford, 2020.