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Aliases for licensed title agencies and direct operations

This data set includes a row for each alias by which Title Agencies and Title Direct Operations are known or recognized.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Alias end dateend_dteend_dteCalendar dateLast date on which an organization was known by an alias
Alias effective dateeff_dteeff_dteCalendar dateDate on which an organization's alias was recognized by TDI
Alias nameorg_als_nameorg_als_nameTextOther name(s) by which organizations are known
License numberagy_lic_nbragy_lic_nbrNumberUnique number assigned by TDI to the licensee
AddressaddressaddressTextAddress of the licensed business
Postal codepstl_cdpstl_cdTextPostal code of the licensed business
Nameorg_nameorg_nameTextName of the licensed business
Statest_cdst_cdTextState of the licensed business
Citycity_namecity_nameTextCity of the licensed business
Alias typeorg_als_type_cdorg_als_type_cdTextType of alias by which organizations are known
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