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APS 3.5 Investigations: Perpetrators by County FY2012-2021

Chapter 48, Title 2, of the Texas Human Resources Code (HRC) and Chapter 705 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) authorizes APS to investigate abuse and financial exploitation of a person age 65 or older or an adult with a disability when the person responsible for the maltreatment is a:

• caretaker;

• paid caretaker;

• family member; or

• person who has an ongoing relationship with the alleged victim. Examples include a personal friend, paramour, or roommate.

In the case of neglect, the perpetrator may also be the victim himself or herself. This is called "Self-neglect".

In cases of family violence, a protective order can be obtained from a court that prohibits a member of a family or household from remaining in the household, and from contacting or coming near the victim. The purpose of the order is to prevent that person from committing further acts of family violence against the victim.

The statutes governing family violence protective orders are set forth in Texas Family Code Chapters 71-87. This order is only available when family violence has been committed by a family member, member of the household, or in some circumstances by a person the victim has dated.

Each victim may have more than one perpetrator in an investigation.

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