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CCI 4.1 Abuse/Neglect Day Care Investigations (DCI) FY 2012-2021

Contains information about abuse/neglect related investigations that were closed by Day Care Investigations staff during the specified timeframe.

  1. Child Care Investigations (CCI), which is a part of CPI and includes Day Care Investigations (DCI) and Residential Child Care Investigations (RCCI), conduct investigations of abuse and neglect. After the investigation is complete, the investigation is assigned to Child Care Regulation (CCR) with HHSC, where the investigation is assessed for deficiencies of minimum standards.
  1. The number of unregulated operation investigations is calculated using the operations application date that is after the date of the intake.
  1. Exemption requests are submitted to CCR to determine if their operation is subject to regulation.
  1. In Fiscal Year 2011, all Licensed Child Care Centers (LCCCs) were divided into one of the following “care types”: Before and After School Program (BAP), School-Age Program (SAP), or Child Care Program (CCL). Any LCCCs with “No Care Type” after Fiscal Year 2010 are operations that were placed on adverse action prior to 09/01/2010, and a new permit was not issued for the specified care type.
  1. Abuse and neglect investigations cannot be closed until they have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate CCI staff.
  1. The dashboard addresses Texas Family Code Section 264.017(c ).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Completed Day Care Investigationscompleted_day_care_investigationscompleted_day_care_investigationsNumber
Operation Typeoperation_typeoperation_typeText
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextTexas' Fiscal Year is from September through August
  • cci_41_abuseneglect_day_care_investigations_dci_fy
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