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Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) – Centers – Site-Level Contact and Program Participation – Program Year 2015-2016

<b>About the Dataset</b><br>

This dataset contains contact and program participation information for all Texas child and adult care centers approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture to operate as a meal site under the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) during the 2015-2016 program year. CACFP centers include Adult Day Care Centers (ADC), Child Care Centers (CCC), At-Risk Afterschool Centers (At-Risk), Head Start Centers, emergency shelters, and centers providing care for students outside school hours.</b> Sites can participate in one or more CACFP sub-programs. The CACFP program year begins October 1 and ends September 30.<p>

This dataset only includes information for CACFP centers. <b>For data on Texas Day Care Homes (DCH) participating in CACFP, please refer to the “Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) – Day Care Homes – Contact and Program Participation” dataset, also on the State of Texas Open Data Portal.</b><p>

An overview of <b>all CACFP data available</b> on the Texas Open Data Portal can be found at our <b><a href=https://data.texas.gov/stories/s/iekx-7mdi target="_blank">TDA Data Overview - Child and Adult Care Food Programs</a></b> page.<p>

<b>More information about accessing and working with TDA data on the Texas Open Data Portal</b> can be found on the SquareMeals.org website on the <b><a href=https://squaremeals.org/FandNResources/PublicInformationRequests.aspx target="_blank">TDA Food and Nutrition Open Data</a> </b>page.<p>

<b>About Dataset Updates</b><br>

TDA aims to post new program year data by December 15 of the active program year. Updates will occur quarterly and end 90 days after the close of the program year. Any data posted during the active update period is subject to change. After 90 days from the close of the program year, the dataset will remain published but will no longer be updated.<p>

<b>About the Agency</b><br>

The Texas Department of Agriculture administers 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition programs in Texas including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and summer meal programs. TDA’s Food and Nutrition division provides technical assistance and training resources to partners operating the programs and oversees the USDA reimbursements they receive to cover part of the cost associated with serving food in their facilities. By working to ensure these partners serve nutritious meals and snacks, the division adheres to its mission — <i>Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.</i><p>

<b>For more information on these programs, please visit our <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">website</a>.</b>


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AgeRangeOfParticipantsagerangeofparticipantsagerangeofparticipantsTextAge range of participants enrolled at site. Data displayed as: # Yrs # Mnths - # Yrs to # Mnths
SiteContactEmailsitecontactemailsitecontactemailTextSite contact email address. Site contact is the person in charge of this center on a daily basis.
OutsideSchoolHoursoutsideschoolhoursoutsideschoolhoursTextSite operates as an outside school hours center. Data displayed as: Y/N
SiteContactLastNamesitecontactlastnamesitecontactlastnameTextSite contact last name. Site contact is the person in charge of this center on a daily basis.
SiteContactFirstNamesitecontactfirstnamesitecontactfirstnameTextSite contact first name. Site contact is the person in charge of this center on a daily basis.
SiteMailingAddressZipCodesitemailingaddresszipcodesitemailingaddresszipcodeTextSite mailing address, zip code
SiteMailingAddressCitysitemailingaddresscitysitemailingaddresscityTextSite mailing address, city
SiteMailingAddressLine2sitemailingaddressline2sitemailingaddressline2TextSite mailing address, line 2 (if applicable)
SiteMailingAddressLine1sitemailingaddressline1sitemailingaddressline1TextSite mailing address, line 1
TaxStatusDescriptiontaxstatusdescriptiontaxstatusdescriptionTextExplanation if “Other” was selected for Site Tax Status
CEAdministratorPhoneceadministratorphoneceadministratorphoneTextCE administrator phone number
CEAdministratorEmailceadministratoremailceadministratoremailTextCE administrator email address
CEAdministratorLastNameceadministratorlastnameceadministratorlastnameTextCE administrator last name
CEMailingAddressZipCodecemailingaddresszipcodecemailingaddresszipcodeTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, zip code
CEMailingAddressLine1cemailingaddressline1cemailingaddressline1TextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 1
CEStreetAddressLine2cestreetaddressline2cestreetaddressline2TextContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 2 (if applicable)
CEStreetAddressLine1cestreetaddressline1cestreetaddressline1TextContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 1
CountyDistrictCodecountydistrictcodecountydistrictcodeTextCounty District Code for county in which site in located
TypeOfCEOrgtypeofceorgtypeofceorgTextType of organization the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as. Data displayed as: Independent Center/Sponsor of Affiliated & Unaffiliated Sites/Sponsor of Affiliated Sites/Sponsor of Unaffiliated Sites
CECountycecountycecountyTextCounty in which the Contracting Entity (CE) is located
CENamecenamecenameTextContracting Entity (CE) name
CEIDceidceidTextUnique number assigned to Contracting Entity (CE) to identify organization as program sponsor
CEAdministratorSalutationceadministratorsalutationceadministratorsalutationTextHonorific salutation for CE administrator. Optional entry for CE. Format: Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.
CEMailingAddressLine2cemailingaddressline2cemailingaddressline2TextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 2 (if applicable)
ESCescescTextEducational Service Center (ESC) region
TotalParticipantsEnrolledtotalparticipantsenrolledtotalparticipantsenrolledNumberTotal number of participants enrolled in the calendar month preceding program application
CEStreetAddressCitycestreetaddresscitycestreetaddresscityTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, city
SiteAffiliationsiteaffiliationsiteaffiliationText“Affiliated” is defined as the site being sponsored by the Contracting Entity (CE) organization AND is part of the CE organization. “Unaffiliated” is defined as the site being sponsored by the Contracting Entity (CE), but is NOT part of the CE organization. Data displayed as: Affiliated/Unaffiliated
SiteContactTitlePositionsitecontacttitlepositionsitecontacttitlepositionTextSite contact title or position. Site contact is the person in charge of this center on a daily basis.
SiteMailingAddressStatesitemailingaddressstatesitemailingaddressstateTextSite mailing address, state
SiteStreetAddressZipCodesitestreetaddresszipcodesitestreetaddresszipcodeTextSite street address, zip code
SiteStreetAddressLine2sitestreetaddressline2sitestreetaddressline2TextSite street address, line 2 (if applicable)
CEMailingAddressCitycemailingaddresscitycemailingaddresscityTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, city
CEStreetAddressZipCodecestreetaddresszipcodecestreetaddresszipcodeTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, zip code
SiteLicenseNumbersitelicensenumbersitelicensenumberTextIf site is licensed, license number
SiteIDsiteidsiteidTextNumber assigned to identify site within CE
SiteContactSalutationsitecontactsalutationsitecontactsalutationTextHonorific salutation for site contact. Optional entry. Format: Mr., Ms. Dr., etc.
SiteContactPhonesitecontactphonesitecontactphoneTextSite contact phone number. Site contact is the person in charge of this center on a daily basis.
AT-RiskOnly?at_riskonlyat_riskonlyTextSite operates as an At-Risk center only. Data displayed as: Y/N
TypeOfAgencytypeofagencytypeofagencyTextType of agency the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as. Data displayed as: Educational Institution/For Profit Organization/Government Agency/Indian Tribe/Military Installation/Private Non Profit Organization
SiteStreetAddressCitysitestreetaddresscitysitestreetaddresscityTextSite street address, city
SiteStreetAddressLine1sitestreetaddressline1sitestreetaddressline1TextSite street address, line 1
SiteLicenseCapacitysitelicensecapacitysitelicensecapacityTextIf site is licensed, participant capacity as per site license
CEAdministratorTitlePositionceadministratortitlepositionceadministratortitlepositionTextCE administrator title or position
ReportTypereporttypereporttypeTextType of information being reported in the dataset
CEStreetAddressStatecestreetaddressstatecestreetaddressstateTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, state
MealsServiceMethodmealsservicemethodmealsservicemethodTextMethod used by site to serve meals. Data is displayed as: Unit (Cafeteria)/Family
TDARegiontdaregiontdaregionTextTexas Department of Agriculture (TDA) service region
New Georeferenced Columngeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPointGeolocation of site based on site street address for map visualization. Null values in geolocation data is most likely due to a P.O. Box address listed for a site address.
FoodServiceVendorNamefoodservicevendornamefoodservicevendornameTextName of food service vendor if site uses a food service contract
MealsPreparationMethodmealspreparationmethodmealspreparationmethodTextMethod used by site to prepare meals. Data displayed as: Prepared on site/Prepared at Central Facility and Delivered/Contracted with a Public School/Purchased from a food service vendor/Other. Selection of multiple methods is possible.
HeadStartheadstartheadstartTextSite operates as a Head Start center. Data displayed as: Y/N
ChildCarechildcarechildcareTextSite operates as a child care center (CCC). Data displayed as: Y/N
SiteCountysitecountysitecountyTextCounty in which the site is located
SiteNamesitenamesitenameTextSite name
CEAdministratorFirstNameceadministratorfirstnameceadministratorfirstnameTextCE administrator first name
CEMailingAddressStatecemailingaddressstatecemailingaddressstateTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, state
Texas Senate Districts:@computed_region_hy99_5a2i:@computed_region_hy99_5a2iNumber
AdultCareCenteradultcarecenteradultcarecenterTextSite operates as an adult day care (ADC) center. Data displayed as: Y/N
SiteStreetAddressStatesitestreetaddressstatesitestreetaddressstateTextSite street address, state
Texas Councils of Government:@computed_region_9y59_55ru:@computed_region_9y59_55ruNumber
Texas House Districts:@computed_region_346f_s9gh:@computed_region_346f_s9ghNumber
Texas Congressional Districts:@computed_region_ywmh_rrwq:@computed_region_ywmh_rrwqNumber
FoodServiceContractfoodservicecontractfoodservicecontractTextIndicates whether site has a food service contract. Data displayed as: Y/N. For more information on Food Service Vendors, please refer to the Food Service Management Company (FSMC) data set.
ProgramYearprogramyearprogramyearTextA program year for Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) is defined as October 1 of one year through September 30 of the following year.
EmergencyShelteremergencyshelteremergencyshelterTextSite operates as an emergency shelter. Data displayed as: Y/N
TaxStatustaxstatustaxstatusTextTax status site files under. Data displayed as: For Profit/Non Profit/Other/Public
At-RiskAfterschoolCareCenterat_riskafterschoolcarecenterat_riskafterschoolcarecenterTextSite operates as an At-Risk afterschool care center (At-Risk). Data displayed as: Y/N
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