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Insurance agencies and businesses approved to manage insurance-related products

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is responsible for licensing, registering, certifying, and regulating agencies and businesses that want to sell insurance or adjust property and casualty claims in Texas. This data set includes a row for each license held by an agency or business. An agency or business with more than one license will be listed in multiple rows. To view a list of people licensed by TDI, go to the <a href="https://data.texas.gov/dataset/Insurance-agents-adjusters-and-people-approved-to-/kxv3-diwf" target="_blank"><u>Insurance agent and adjusters data set</u></a>. To learn more about the type of licenses in this data set, go to <a href="https://tdi.texas.gov/agent/index.html" target="_blank"><u>TDI’s agent and adjuster licensing</u></a> webpage.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
StatestatestateTextState of the licensed business
Expiration dateexpiration_dateexpiration_dateCalendar dateDate the license will expire if not renewed
Issue datelicense_issue_datelicense_issue_dateCalendar dateDate the license was issued by TDI
QualificationqualificationqualificationTextShows which type of insurance the licensed business is qualified to sell / service / manage
License numberagency_license_numberagency_license_numberNumberUnique number assigned by TDI to the licensee
License typelicense_typelicense_typeTextType of license
Org typeagency_typeagency_typeTextType of organization / business structure
PhonephonephoneTextPhone number of the licensed business
Postal codepstl_cdpstl_cdTextPostal code of the licensed business
Nameorg_nameorg_nameTextName of the licensed business
AddressaddressaddressTextAddress of the licensed business
NPNnpnnpnNumberNational Producer Number assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
County (if title agency)countycountyTextThe county or counties in which the title agency can conduct business
CitycitycityTextCity of the licensed business
Upstream Metadata