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Summer Meal Programs – Seamless Summer Option (SSO) – Contacts and Program Participation – Program Period 2018

<b>About the Agency</b><br>

The Texas Department of Agriculture administers 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition programs in Texas including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). TDA’s Food and Nutrition division provides technical assistance and training resources to partners operating the programs and oversees the USDA reimbursements they receive to cover part of the cost associated with serving food in their facilities. By working to ensure these partners serve nutritious meals and snacks, the division adheres to its mission — <i>Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.</i><p>

<i><b>For more information on these programs, please visit our <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">website</a>.</b></i><p>

<b>About the Dataset</b><br>

This dataset contains <b>contact and program participation information for each site participating in the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) for summer 2018 (SNP program year 2017-2018).</b> Summer meals programs operate mid-May through the end of August. <p>

For data on sites participating in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), please refer to the Summer Feeding Programs – Summer Feeding Program (SFSP) – Contact and Program Participation datasets available on the State of Texas Open Data Portal. <p>

<b>About Dataset Updates</b><br>

TDA aims to post new program year data by July 15 of the active program period. Due to the short duration of the summer feeding programs, dataset updates will occur monthly until 90 days after the close of the program period. After 90 days from the close of the program period, the dataset will be updated at six months and one year from the close of program period before becoming archived. Archived datasets will remain published but will not be updated. Any data posted during the active program year is subject to change.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
SeamlessSummerContactSalutationseamlesssummercontactsalseamlesssummercontactsalTextHonorific salutation for summer program contact. Optional entry. Format: Mr., Ms. Dr., etc.
CEStreetAddressStatecestreetaddressstatecestreetaddressstateTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, state
CountyDistrictCodecountydistrictcodecountydistrictcodeTextCounty District Code for county in which Contracting Entity (CE) in located
CEStreetAddressZipCodecestreetaddresszipcodecestreetaddresszipcodeTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, zip code
SiteStreetAddressLine1sitestreetaddressline1sitestreetaddressline1TextSite street address, line 1
CEStreetAddressLine2cestreetaddressline2cestreetaddressline2TextContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 2 (if applicable)
SiteNamesitenamesitenameTextSite name
CENamecenamecenameTextContracting Entity (CE) name
ChildNutDirTitlePositionchildnutdirtitlepositionchildnutdirtitlepositionTextChild Nutrition Director (CND) title or position
ChildNutDirFirstNamechildnutdirfirstnamechildnutdirfirstnameTextChild Nutrition Director (CND) first name
SuperintendentLastNamesuperintendentlastnamesuperintendentlastnameTextCE administrator/superintendent last name
CEStreetAddressCitycestreetaddresscitycestreetaddresscityTextContracting Entity (CE) street address, city
Georeferencegeocoded_columngeocoded_columnPointGeo-location of site based on site street address for map visualization. Null values in geolocation data is most likely due to a P.O. Box address listed for a site address.
LunchDaysServedlunchdaysservedlunchdaysservedTextDays of the week lunch served at the site during operation Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple entries separated by commas
BreakfastTimebreakfasttimebreakfasttimeTextTime breakfast service starts and ends. Data displayed as: H:MM – H:MM
LunchTimelunchtimelunchtimeTextTime lunch service starts and ends. Data displayed as: H:MM – H:MM
SiteEndDatesiteenddatesiteenddateCalendar dateOperational end date for the site
SiteStartDatesitestartdatesitestartdateCalendar dateOperational start date for the site
SeamlessSummerContactEmailseamlesssummercontactemailseamlesssummercontactemailTextSummer program contact email address
SeamlessSummerContactLastNameseamlesssummercontactlastnameseamlesssummercontactlastnameTextSummer program contact last name
SiteStreetCitysitestreetcitysitestreetcityTextSite street address, city
SiteStreetAddressLine2sitestreetaddressline2sitestreetaddressline2TextSite street address, line 2 (if applicable)
SiteCountysitecountysitecountyTextCounty in which the site is located
SiteIDsiteidsiteidTextIdentification number assigned to site within CE
ChildNutDirEmailchildnutdiremailchildnutdiremailTextChild Nutrition Director (CND) email address
SuperintendentPhonesuperintendentphonesuperintendentphoneTextCE administrator/superintendent phone number
SuperintendentEmailsuperintendentemailsuperintendentemailTextCE administrator/superintendent email address
ChildNutDirLastNamechildnutdirlastnamechildnutdirlastnameTextChild Nutrition Director (CND) last name
SuperintendentTitlePositionsuperintendenttitlepositionsuperintendenttitlepositionTextCE administrator/superintendent title or position
CEMailingAddressZipCodecemailingaddresszipcodecemailingaddresszipcodeTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, zip code
CEMailingAddressCitycemailingaddresscitycemailingaddresscityTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, city
CEMailingAddressLine1cemailingaddressline1cemailingaddressline1TextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 1
CEStreetAddressLine1cestreetaddressline1cestreetaddressline1TextContracting Entity (CE) street address, line 1
ESCescescTextEducational Service Center (ESC) region
SeamlessSummerContactPhoneseamlesssummercontactphoneseamlesssummercontactphoneTextSummer program contact phone number
SiteStreetStatesitestreetstatesitestreetstateTextSite street address, state
Meal Types Servedmeal_types_servedmeal_types_servedTextType of meals served at the site during operation. Data displayed as: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/AM Snack/PM Snack; multiple entries separated by commas
SuperintendentFirstNamesuperintendentfirstnamesuperintendentfirstnameTextCE administrator/superintendent first name
TypeOfAgencytypeofagencytypeofagencyTextType of agency the Contracting Entity (CE) operates as. Data displayed as: Educational Institution/Government Agency/Indian Tribe/Military Installation/Private Non Profit Organization
CECountycecountycecountyTextCounty in which the Contracting Entity (CE) is located
CEIDceidceidTextUnique number assigned to Contracting Entity (CE) to identify organization as a program sponsor
PMSnackTimepmsnacktimepmsnacktimeTextTime afternoon snack service starts and ends. Data displayed as: H:MM – H:MM
BreakfastDaysServedbreakfastdaysservedbreakfastdaysservedTextDays of the week breakfast served at the site during operation Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple entries separated by commas
Days Of Operationdays_of_operationdays_of_operationTextDays of the week meals served at the site during operation. Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple entries separated by commas
SeamlessSummerContactTitlePositionseamlesssummercontacttitseamlesssummercontacttitTextSummer program contact title or position
SeamlessSummerContactFirstNameseamlesssummercontactfirstnameseamlesssummercontactfirstnameTextSummer program contact first name
SiteTypesitetypesitetypeTextSite type description. Data displayed as: Camp/Closed/Open/Open Restricted
CEMailingAddressStatecemailingaddressstatecemailingaddressstateTextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, state
CEMailingAddressLine2cemailingaddressline2cemailingaddressline2TextContracting Entity (CE) mailing address, line 2 (if applicable)
TDARegiontdaregiontdaregionTextTexas Department of Agriculture (TDA) service region
TypeofSNPOrgtypeofsnporgtypeofsnporgTextType of organization the sponsored site operates as. Data displayed as: Charter/Private/Public/RCCI (Residential Child Care Institution)
AMSnackDaysServedamsnackdaysservedamsnackdaysservedTextDays of the week morning snacks served at the site during operation Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple entries separated by commas
SupperTimesuppertimesuppertimeTextTime supper service starts and ends. Data displayed as: H:MM – H:MM
SupperDaysServedsupperdaysservedsupperdaysservedTextDays of the week supper served at the site during operation Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple days separated by commas
SuperintendentSalutationsuperintendentsalutationsuperintendentsalutationTextHonorific salutation for CE administrator/superintendent. Optional entry for CE. Format: Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.
ProgramYearprogramyearprogramyearTextA program period for summer feeding programs is defined as mid-May through the end of August for the same calendar year.
ReportTypereporttypereporttypeTextType of information being reported in the dataset
Texas Senate Districts:@computed_region_hy99_5a2i:@computed_region_hy99_5a2iNumber
Texas Congressional Districts:@computed_region_ywmh_rrwq:@computed_region_ywmh_rrwqNumber
ChildNutDirPhonechildnutdirphonechildnutdirphoneTextChild Nutrition Director (CND) phone number
SiteStreetZipCodesitestreetzipcodesitestreetzipcodeTextSite street address, zip code
ChildNutDirSalutationchildnutdirsalutationchildnutdirsalutationTextHonorific salutation for Child Nutrition Director (CND). Optional entry for CE. Format: Mr., Ms. Dr., etc.
Texas House Districts:@computed_region_346f_s9gh:@computed_region_346f_s9ghNumber
AMSnackTimeamsnacktimeamsnacktimeTextTime morning snack service starts and ends. Data displayed as: H:MM – H:MM
Texas Councils of Government:@computed_region_9y59_55ru:@computed_region_9y59_55ruNumber
PMSnackDaysServedpmsnackdaysservedpmsnackdaysservedTextDays of the week afternoon snacks served at the site during operation Data displayed as: S/M/T/W/TH/F/SA; multiple days separated by commas
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