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Love Your Block Project Data (with cumulative hours)

Reported data only. Data unavailable for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Project Typeproject_typeproject_typeTextMini-grant: project was funded by a Love Your Block mini-grant and led by resident, community member, or organization. Collaboration: project was supported by Love Your Block. Special project: project was led or co-led by Love Your Block.
Fiscal Year Endfiscal_yr_endfiscal_yr_endCalendar dateRefers to fiscal year period (6/30/2017 = Fiscal Year 2016-2017). The Love Your Block program began in June 2015 so data is measured on a fiscal year basis.
YearyearyearNumberCalendar year during which the project took place
Trash Bagstrash_bags_filledtrash_bags_filledNumberTrash bags typically hold 40-45 gallons
Pounds of Litterlbs_litterlbs_litterNumberPounds of litter are often not feasible to measure. This metric, in general, also does not include waste that cannot fit in bags, such as bulky items.
Project Dayscomm_eventscomm_eventsNumberNumber of work days for the project
Art Displays Createdart_displays_createdart_displays_createdNumberIncludes public art and painted objects
Lot Clean-upslot_clean_upslot_clean_upsNumberIncludes lot and block clean-ups
Park Clean-upspark_clean_upspark_clean_upsNumber
Cumulative Volunteersvolunteers_cumulativevolunteers_cumulativeNumber
Volunteer Hoursvolunteer_hoursvolunteer_hoursNumberHours of service
Cumulative Volunteer Hoursvolunteer_hours_cumulativevolunteer_hours_cumulativeNumber
Square ft Plantedsqft_plantsqft_plantNumberSquare footage planted
Square ft Paintedsqft_paintsqft_paintNumberSquare footage painted
Upstream Metadata