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Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in Niger-- Household Sanitation and Maternal Health

This dataset captures data about the mothers in the households surveyed as part of the Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in the Maradi and Zinder regions in Niger as well as the water and sanitation resources available to the household. It has 200 columns and 7,337 rows. In fiscal year 2012, USAID's Office of Food for Peace (FFP) awarded funding to private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to design and implement a multi-year Title II development food assistance program in Niger. The main purpose of the Title II program is to improve long-term food security of chronically food insecure population in the target regions. FFP contracted a firm, ICF International to conduct a baseline study in targeted areas of the country prior to the start of the new program. The purpose of the study was to assess the current status of key indicators, have a better understanding of prevailing conditions and perceptions of the population in the implementation areas, and serve as a point of comparison for future final evaluations. Results would also be used to further refine program targeting and, where possible, to understand the relationship between variables to inform program design. The study was conducted in 2013, while FFP expects to conduct final evaluations as close as possible to the end of the program five years later.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
h01hh01hh01hNumberH01H MODULE H FINISH HOUR
f07f07f07NumberF07 Is water available from this source all year round
f09f09f09NumberF09 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
f10_1f10_1f10_1NumberF10 1 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
f10_7f10_7f10_7NumberF10 7 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
f10_8f10_8f10_8NumberF10 8 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
f11f11f11NumberF11 What kind of toilet facility do members of your household usually use
f12f12f12NumberF12 Does your household share the toilet facility with other households
f13f13f13NumberF13 How many households share the toilet facility
at_smat_smat_smNumberANTHRO START MINUTE
c22mc22mc22mNumberMODULE C FINISH MINUTE
d00hd00hd00hNumberMODULE D START HOUR
d00md00md00mNumberMODULE D START MINUTE
d66hd66hd66hNumberMODULE D FINISH HOUR
at_shat_shat_shNumberANTHRO START HOUR
at_vnat_vnat_vnNumberANTHRO VILLAGE NUMBER
at_hhat_hhat_hhNumberANTHRO HOUSEHOLD NUMBER
d66md66md66mNumberMODULE D FINISH MINUTE
e00me00me00mNumberMODULE E START MINUTE
chchchNumberPulses legumes nuts
c05c05c05NumberC05 Any foods made from roots or tubers
c1819c1819c1819NumberWent to bed hungry
improved_sanitationimproved_sanitationimproved_sanitationNumberHouseholds using improved sanitation facilities
f10_9f10_9f10_9NumberF10 9 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
cjcjcjNumberOil fats
e13e13e13NumberE13 Potatoes or any other foods made from roots
a13ma13ma13mNumberMONTH OF FINAL VISIT
e30e30e30NumberE30 Have you ever given birth
wom_countwom_countwom_countNumberNumber of women interviewed in household per MOD E E02
e06e06e06NumberE06 CHECK AGE IS BETWEEN 15 49 YRS
c08c08c08NumberC08 Any meats organ meats or blood
e00he00he00hNumberMODULE E START HOUR
a14_2a14_2a14_2NumberA14 2 Total Women 15 49 yrs
f17_2f17_2f17_2NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
a17a17a17NumberA17 SUPERVISOR CODE
e21e21e21NumberE21 Any foods made from beans or seeds
f18hf18hf18hNumberMODULE F FINISH HOUR
e33me33me33mNumberMODULE E FINISH MINUTE
e25e25e25NumberE25 Any condiments such as chilies spices herbs or fish powder
at_anmat_anmat_anmNumberAnthropometry date Month
b00hb00hb00hNumberMODULE B START HOUR
f08f08f08NumberF08 In the last two weeks was water available from this source for an entire day or longer
women_idwomen_idwomen_idNumbermember ID for module E
e01ae01ae01aNumberE01A HOUSEHOLD NUMBER
f17_8f17_8f17_8NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
c18c18c18NumberC18 In the past 4 weeks did anyone go to sleep hungry because there was not enough food
f10_6f10_6f10_6NumberF10 6 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
eligible_womeneligible_womeneligible_womenNumberWomen eligible for Module E between 15 and 49 years of age
c21c21c21NumberC21 How often did this happen in the last 4 weeks
f17_5f17_5f17_5NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f17_10f17_10f17_10TextF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f10_5f10_5f10_5NumberF10 5 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
e18e18e18NumberE18 Any meat
e23e23e23NumberE23 Any foods made with oils fats or butter
f15f15f15NumberF15 Observe presence of water at the place of handwashing
birth_datebirth_datebirth_dateTextWoman s date of birth
regregregNumberA05 REGION
c11c11c11NumberC11 Any foods made from beans nuts or seeds
e20e20e20NumberE20 Any fish or seafood
c20c20c20NumberC20 In the past 4 weeks did anyone go a whole day and night without eating because there was no food
ckckckNumberSugar honey
critical_handwashing_catcritical_handwashing_catcritical_handwashing_catNumberKnows 3 of 5 critical moments for handwashing
f17_3f17_3f17_3NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
c10c10c10NumberC10 Any fresh or dried fish or shellfish
vnvnvnNumberA02 VILLAGE NUMBER
a04ba04ba04bNumberA04b DEPARTMENT NAME
f10_3f10_3f10_3NumberF10 3 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
e12e12e12NumberE12 Any foods that are yellow or orange inside
f10_4f10_4f10_4NumberF10 4 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
critical_handwashing_allcritical_handwashing_allcritical_handwashing_allNumberKnows all 5 critical moments for handwashing
c06c06c06NumberC06 Any vegetables
c04c04c04NumberC04 Any foods made from wheat maize rice sorghum or millet
c13c13c13NumberC13 Any foods made with oil fat or butter
improved_sourceimproved_sourceimproved_sourceNumberHouseholds using an improved drinking water source
ciciciNumberMilk and milk products
i100mi100mi100mNumberMODULE I1 START MINUTE
a04aa04aa04aNumberA04a COMMUNE NAME
a13da13da13dNumberDAY OF FINAL VISIT
f14f14f14NumberF14 Show me where members of your household most often wash their hands
e31ye31ye31yNumberE31Y When was the last time you gave birth YEAR
e24e24e24NumberE24 Any sugary foods such as chocolate and cake
a14_1a14_1a14_1NumberA14 1 Total Number of Visits
e22e22e22NumberE22 Any cheese yogurt or other milk products
a14_3a14_3a14_3NumberA14 3 Total Eligible Farmers
a14_4a14_4a14_4NumberA14 4 Total Children Under 5
a14_5a14_5a14_5NumberA14 5 Line Number of Respondant to Household Questionnaire
a19a19a19NumberA19 OFFICE EDITOR CODE
soap_watersoap_watersoap_waterNumberCleansing agent and water at handwashing station
a20da20da20dNumberA20 DAY OF DATA ENTRY
a20ma20ma20mNumberA20 MONTH OF DATA ENTRY
b00mb00mb00mNumberMODULE B START MINUTE
b21hb21hb21hNumberMODULE B FINISH HOUR
b21mb21mb21mNumberMODULE B FINISH MINUTE
f00hf00hf00hNumberMODULE F START HOUR
f00mf00mf00mNumberMODULE F START MINUTE
f01af01af01aNumberF01A HOUSEHOLD NUMBER
f01bf01bf01bNumberF01B VILLAGE NUMBER
critical_handwashingcritical_handwashingcritical_handwashingNumberNumber of critical moments for handwashing known out of 5
hhs_nhhs_nhhs_nNumberHousehold Hunger Scale moderate or severe hunger
c1617c1617c1617NumberNo food at all in the house
hddshddshddsNumberAverage Household Dietary Diversity Score HDDS
cbcbcbNumberRoot and tubers
f17_4f17_4f17_4NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
cececeNumberMeats organs blood
cgcgcgNumberFish and seafood
a20ya20ya20yNumberA20 YEAR OF DATA ENTRY
c2021c2021c2021NumberWent all day and night without eating
c15c15c15NumberC15 Any other foods such as condiments coffee or tea
e27e27e27NumberE27 Any foods made with red palm oil red palm nut or red palm nut pulp sauce
gendered_hhgendered_hhgendered_hhNumberGendered Household type
wmwtwmwtwmwtNumberSampling weight for women 15 49 adjusted for module E non response
hhs_n2hhs_n2hhs_n2NumberHousehold Hunger Scale moderate and severe hunger
hhwthhwthhwtNumberSampling weight for households and household members
f04f04f04NumberF04 What is main source of drinking water
f10_2f10_2f10_2NumberF10 2 Do you do anything to the water to make it safer to drink
f05f05f05NumberF05 Where is that water source located
f16f16f16NumberF16 Observe presence of soap detergent or other cleansing agent at the place for handwashing
f17_1f17_1f17_1NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f17_6f17_6f17_6NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f17_7f17_7f17_7NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f17_9f17_9f17_9NumberF17 List five critical moments for handwashing
f18mf18mf18mNumberMODULE F FINISH MINUTE
g00hg00hg00hNumberMODULE G START HOUR
g00mg00mg00mNumberMODULE G START MINUTE
g70hg70hg70hNumberMODULE G FINISH HOUR
g70mg70mg70mNumberMODULE G FINISH MINUTE
c00hc00hc00hNumberMODULE C START HOUR
c00mc00mc00mNumberMODULE C START MINUTE
c01ac01ac01aNumberC01A HOUSEHOLD NUMBER
c01bc01bc01bNumberC01B VILLAGE NUMBER
c02c02c02NumberC02 Was yesterday an unusual or special day
c07c07c07NumberC07 Any fruits
e01be01be01bNumberE01B VILLAGE NUMBER
e15e15e15NumberE15 Any ripe mangos papayas melon or passionfruit
e11e11e11NumberE11 Any foods made from grains
i100hi100hi100hNumberMODULE I1 START HOUR
e39e39e39NumberE39 RESULT
e36e36e36NumberE36 WOMAN S AGE IN YEARS
e33he33he33hNumberMODULE E FINISH HOUR
e31me31me31mNumberE31M When was the last time you gave birth MONTH
e31de31de31dNumberE31D When was the last time you gave birth DAY
c09c09c09NumberC09 Any eggs
c12c12c12NumberC12 Any cheese yogurt milk or other milk products
c14c14c14NumberC14 Any sugar or honey
e29e29e29NumberE29 Have you ever been pregnant
i110mi110mi110mNumberMODULE I1 FINISH MINUTE
e03ae03ae03aTextE03A In what month were you born
i110hi110hi110hNumberMODULE I1 FINISH HOUR
e28e28e28NumberE28 Are you currently pregnant
e04e04e04NumberE04 How old are you
e05e05e05NumberE05 Are you between the ages of 15 49 yrs
e03be03be03bNumberE03B In what year were you born
e14e14e14NumberE14 Any dark green leafy vegetables
e26e26e26NumberE26 Any grubs snails or insects
e16e16e16NumberE16 Any other fruit or vegetables
c16c16c16NumberC16 In the past 4 weeks was there ever no food to eat due to lack of resources
delivery_lapsedelivery_lapsedelivery_lapseNumberTime since last delivery in days
c22hc22hc22hNumberMODULE C FINISH HOUR
del_datedel_datedel_dateCalendar dateDate of last delivery
c19c19c19NumberC19 How often did this happen in the last 4 weeks
a13ya13ya13yNumberYEAR OF FINAL VISIT
e17e17e17NumberE17 Any liver kidney heart or other organ meats blood
e19e19e19NumberE19 Any eggs
hhshhshhsNumberHousehold Hunger Scale
c17c17c17NumberC17 How often did this happen in the past 4 weeks
wom_agewom_agewom_ageNumberWomen s age in completed years
int_dateint_dateint_dateCalendar dateDate of Interview
h01mh01mh01mNumberH01M MODULE H FINISH MINUTE
f06f06f06NumberF06 How long does it take to go there get water and come back
h00mh00mh00mNumberH00M MODULE H START MINUTE
h00hh00hh00hNumberH00H MODULE H START HOUR
i208mi208mi208mNumberMODULE I2 FINISH MINUTE
i208hi208hi208hNumberMODULE I2 FINISH HOUR
i200mi200mi200mNumberMODULE I2 START MINUTE
i200hi200hi200hNumberMODULE I2 START HOUR
at_fmat_fmat_fmNumberANTHRO FINISH MINUTE
at_fhat_fhat_fhNumberANTHRO FINISH HOUR
at_anyat_anyat_anyNumberAnthropometry date Year
at_andat_andat_andNumberAnthropometry date Day
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