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Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in Niger--Child Health

This dataset describes the children and their health interviewed as part of Baseline Study of Food for Peace Title II Development Food Assistance Program in the Maradi and Zinder regions in Niger. It has 151 columns and 11,030 rows. In fiscal year 2012, USAID's Office of Food for Peace (FFP) awarded funding to private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to design and implement a multi-year Title II development food assistance program in Niger. The main purpose of the Title II program is to improve long-term food security of chronically food insecure population in the target regions. FFP contracted a firm, ICF International to conduct a baseline study in targeted areas of the country prior to the start of the new program. The purpose of the study was to assess the current status of key indicators, have a better understanding of prevailing conditions and perceptions of the population in the implementation areas, and serve as a point of comparison for future final evaluations. Results would also be used to further refine program targeting and, where possible, to understand the relationship between variables to inform program design. The study was conducted in 2013, while FFP expects to conduct final evaluations as close as possible to the end of the program five years later.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
zwazzwazzwazNumberWeight for age z score
d71md71md71mNumberD71M CHILDs DATE OF BIRTH MONTH
agedaysagedaysagedaysNumberChild s age in days at date of interview
meal_frequencymeal_frequencymeal_frequencyNumberFrequency of feeding of solid semi solid and soft foods yesterday
liquidsliquidsliquidsNumberLiquids child drank yesterday
d16d16d16NumberD16 Has the child ever been breastfed
d07d07d07NumberD07 How many months old is the child
d62bd62bd62bNumberD62B Was the child given any govt recommended homemade fluids Eau salee sucre ESS
madmadmadNumberMinimum Acceptable Diet MAD
ddsixddsixddsixNumberDietary Diversity 6 food groups for non breastfed children
regregregNumberA05 REGION
d64_1d64_1d64_1NumberD64 What else was given to treat the diarrhea
d24d24d24NumberD24 Did the child cosume any milk such as tinned powdered or animal milk
a13ma13ma13mNumberMONTH OF FINAL VISIT
dd4dd4dd4NumberFlesh foods meat fish poultry and liver organ meats and other misc small animal protein
d71dd71dd71dNumberD71D CHILDs DATE OF BIRTH DAY
exclusive_breastexclusive_breastexclusive_breastNumberExclusive breastfeeding status
bmimin3bmimin3bmimin3Numberbmi age 3SD
d31d31d31NumberD31 Did the child have any other water based liquids available in the local setting
foodsfoodsfoodsNumberFoods the child ate yesterday
d38d38d38NumberD38 Any other fruit or vegetables
dd1dd1dd1NumberGrains roots and tubers
d72d72d72NumberD72 SOURCE OF BIRTH DATE
chwtchwtchwtNumberChild sampling weight
d44d44d44NumberD44 Any cheese yogurt or other milk products
d77d77d77NumberD77 EDEMA
d64_5d64_5d64_5TextD64 What else was given to treat the diarrhea
d58d58d58NumberD58 Did you seek advice or treatment for the diarrhea from any source
d20d20d20NumberD20 Was the child given oral rehydration solution yesterday during the day or at night
d51d51d51NumberD51 How many times did the child eat any solid semi solid or soft foods other than liquids yesterday during the day or at night
vnvnvnNumberA02 VILLAGE NUMBER
d19d19d19NumberD19 Was the child given any vitamin drops or other medicines as drops yesterday during the day or at night
bmiplus3bmiplus3bmiplus3Numberbmi age 3SD
d36d36d36NumberD36 Any dark green leafy vegetables
sexsexsexNumberChild s sex
d64_4d64_4d64_4TextD64 What else was given to treat the diarrhea
member_idmember_idmember_idNumberHousehold member ID for merging with other modules
breast_statusbreast_statusbreast_statusNumberBreastfeeding status
whplus1whplus1whplus1Numberwt ht 1SD
d21d21d21NumberD21 Did the child have plain water
d54d54d54NumberD54 Has the child had diarrhea in the last two weeks
d59_4d59_4d59_4TextD59 Where did you seek advice or treatment
d46d46d46NumberD46 Any sugary foods such as chocolate and cake
hamin3hamin3hamin3Numberht age 3SD
total_milk_feedstotal_milk_feedstotal_milk_feedsNumberTotal milk feeds yesterday formula milk yogurt
d45d45d45NumberD45 Any foods made with oils fats or butter
lorhlorhlorhNumberHeight measured laying down or standing up
d55d55d55NumberD55 Was there any blood in the stools
whplus3whplus3whplus3Numberwt ht 3SD
dd7dd7dd7NumberOther fruits and vegetables
d25d25d25NumberD25 How many times yesterday did the child consume any milk
hamin2hamin2hamin2Numberht age 2SD
casenumcasenumcasenumNumberChild case number
d64_2d64_2d64_2NumberD64 What else was given to treat the diarrhea
d14d14d14NumberD14 CHECK D07 CHILD UNDER 60 MONTHS
d43d43d43NumberD43 Any foods made from beans or seeds
ddsevenddsevenddsevenNumberDietary Diversity 7 food groups for breastfed children
d15d15d15NumberD15 CHECK D07 CHILD UNDER 24 MONTHS
whmin3whmin3whmin3Numberwt ht 3SD
d62ad62ad62aNumberD62A Was the child given any fluid made from a special packet Sachet SRO
bmiplus2bmiplus2bmiplus2Numberbmi age 2SD
d76d76d76NumberD76 RESULT
diarrheadiarrheadiarrheaNumberChildren 0 59 who had diarrhea in the last two weeks
weight2weight2weight2NumberChild s weight in kilograms
d05ad05ad05aNumberD05 Childs year of birth
meal_frequency_rec1meal_frequency_rec1meal_frequency_rec1NumberMinimum meal frequency 2 or more Breastfed 6 8 months
d37d37d37NumberD37 Any ripe mangos papayas melon or passionfruit
a13da13da13dNumberDAY OF FINAL VISIT
d32d32d32NumberD32 Did the child have any other liquids
d64_3d64_3d64_3TextD64 What else was given to treat the diarrhea
d57d57d57NumberD57 Was the child given less than usual to eat about the same or more than usual to eat
wamin3wamin3wamin3Numberwt age 3SD
d34d34d34NumberD34 Any foods that are yellow or orange inside
d23d23d23NumberD23 How many times yestersay did the child consume any formula
agedays3agedays3agedays3NumberChild s age in days at time of anthropometry
d42d42d42NumberD42 Any fish or seafood
d63d63d63NumberD63 Was anything else given to treat the diarrhea
anthro_dateanthro_dateanthro_dateCalendar dateDate anthropometry was done
zbmizbmizbmiNumberBMI for age z score
whmin2whmin2whmin2Numberwt ht 2SD
d18d18d18NumberD18 Did child consume breast milk in any of these ways yesterday during the day or night
agemosagemosagemosNumberChild s age in months at time of anthropometry
zwhzzwhzzwhzNumberWeight for length height z score
d17d17d17NumberD17 Was the child breastfed yesterday during the day or night
bmimin2bmimin2bmimin2Numberbmi age 2SD
wamin2wamin2wamin2Numberwt age 2SD
whplus2whplus2whplus2Numberwt ht 2SD
d05md05md05mNumberD05 Childs month of birth
age_0_23age_0_23age_0_23NumberAge categories for children 0 to 23 months
d41d41d41NumberD41 Any eggs
d49d49d49NumberD49 Any foods made with red palm oil red palm nut or red palm nut pulp sauce
dd2dd2dd2NumberLegumes and nuts
bmiplus1bmiplus1bmiplus1Numberbmi age 1SD
nonbreast_feedsnonbreast_feedsnonbreast_feedsNumberMinimum meal frequency 4 or more 2 milk Non breastfed 6 23 months
d59_3d59_3d59_3TextD59 Where did you seek advice or treatment
a13ya13ya13yNumberYEAR OF FINAL VISIT
d59_5d59_5d59_5TextD59 Where did you seek advice or treatment
d59_2d59_2d59_2NumberD59 Where did you seek advice or treatment
at_andat_andat_andNumberAnthropometry date Day
breastfeedingbreastfeedingbreastfeedingNumberChild is breastfeeding
d56d56d56NumberD56 Was the child given less than usual to drink about the same or more than usual to drink
d35d35d35NumberD35 Potatoes or any other foods made from roots
d61d61d61NumberD61 Where did you first seek advice or treatment
dd3dd3dd3NumberDairy products milk yogurt cheese
d59_1d59_1d59_1NumberD59 Where did you seek advice or treatment
d39d39d39NumberD39 Any liver kidney heart or other organ meats blood
at_anmat_anmat_anmNumberAnthropometry date Month
d69d69d69NumberD69 CHILSs SEX
d48d48d48NumberD48 Any grubs snails or insects
lengthlengthlengthNumberChild s length height in centimeters
meal_frequency_rec2meal_frequency_rec2meal_frequency_rec2NumberMinimum meal frequency 3 or more Breastfed 9 23 months
birth_datebirth_datebirth_dateCalendar dateChild birthday
int_dateint_dateint_dateCalendar dateDate interview was done
wgtingwgtingwgtingNumberChild sampling weight
d47d47d47NumberD47 Any condiments such as chilies spices herbs or fish powder
dd6dd6dd6NumberVitamin A rich fruits and vegetables
d06d06d06NumberD06 How old was the child on his her last birthday
d28d28d28NumberD28 Did the child have any yogurt
ddseven_recddseven_recddseven_recNumberMinimum dietary diversity 4 or more 7 food groups
ortortortNumberChildren 0 59 with diarrhea treated with ORT
d05dd05dd05dNumberD05 Childs day of birth
at_anyat_anyat_anyNumberAnthropometry date Year
zhazzhazzhazNumberLength height for age z score
d50d50d50NumberD50 Did the child eat any solid semi solid or soft foods yesterday during the day or at night
total_feedstotal_feedstotal_feedsNumberTotal milk and non milk feeds yesterday
d30d30d30NumberD30 Did the child consume any thin porridge
oedemaoedemaoedemaCheckboxChild has oedema
d29d29d29NumberD29 How many times yesterday during the day or at night did the child consume any yogurt
d70d70d70NumberD70 CHILDs AGE IN MONTHS
d04d04d04NumberD04 Sex of child
d26d26d26NumberD26 Did the child have any juice or juice drinks
d40d40d40NumberD40 Any meat
d33d33d33NumberD33 Any foods made from grains
d27d27d27NumberD27 Did the child have any clear broth
d22d22d22NumberD22 Did the child have infant formula
ddsix_recddsix_recddsix_recNumberMinimum dietary diversity 4 or more 6 food groups
d71ad71ad71aNumberD71A CHILDs DATE OF BIRTH YEAR
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