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Ethiopia Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement and Market Expansion (PRIME) Project IE--Non-Food Expenditures Last Month

This dataset contains the data describing non-food expenditures over the month prior to the survey collected as part of the baseline survey generated in support of an impact evaluation of the Ethiopia Pastoralist Areas Resilience Improvement and Market Expansion (PRIME) Project.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
pm30ppm30ppm30pNumberDERIVED: Percent males 30 years of age
samplewtsamplewtsamplewtNumberDERIVED: sample weights
asset_ind_c_01asset_ind_c_01asset_ind_c_01NumberDERIVED: Total consumption assets owned, 0-100 scale
int_groupint_groupint_groupTextIntervention group
pf30ppf30ppf30pNumberDERIVED: Percent females 30 years of age
pf16_30pf16_30pf16_30NumberDERIVED: Percent females 16-30 years of age
hhaehhaehhaeNumberDERIVED: Number of household adult equivalents
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberHousehold id
edmax_sec_fedmax_sec_fedmax_sec_fNumberDERIVED: Highest education level of females in hh: secondary or higher
proj_areaproj_areaproj_areaTextDERIVED: Project Area (Zone)
eaeaeaNumberUnique enumeration area code
asset_indexasset_indexasset_indexNumberDERIVED: Total Asset Ownership Index
tlutlutluNumberDERIVED: Tropical Livestock Unit
kcal_req_lkcal_req_lkcal_req_lNumberDERIVED: Hh calorie req: light
stratumstratumstratumNumberSurvey strata
income_poorincome_poorincome_poorNumberDERIVED: Total Per Capita Daily Expenditures USD 1.25
asset_poorasset_poorasset_poorNumberDERIVED: Asset poor corresponds to USD 1.25 poverty threshold
hhsizehhsizehhsizeNumberDERIVED: Number of household members
edmax_secedmax_secedmax_secNumberDERIVED: Highest education level in hh: secondary or higher
com_hh_mergecom_hh_mergecom_hh_mergeNumberCode to merge community and hh datasets
edmax_none_fedmax_none_fedmax_none_fNumberDERIVED: Highest education level of females in hh: none
e301e301e301NumberE3.01: Item Code:
e302e302e302NumberE3.02: Over the past one month, did your household use or buy any (item)?
asset_ind_p_01asset_ind_p_01asset_ind_p_01NumberDERIVED: Total consumption assets owned, 0-100 scale
asset_ind_passet_ind_passet_ind_pNumberDERIVED: Total production assets owned
pm0_16pm0_16pm0_16NumberDERIVED: Percent males 0-16 years of age
pm16_30pm16_30pm16_30NumberDERIVED: Percent males 16-30 years of age
fem_onlyfem_onlyfem_onlyNumberDERIVED: Household with all adult females
edmax_prim_fedmax_prim_fedmax_prim_fNumberDERIVED: Highest education level of females in hh: primary
asset_ind_casset_ind_casset_ind_cNumberDERIVED: Total consumption assets owned
item_numitem_numitem_numNumberItem number
pf0_16pf0_16pf0_16NumberDERIVED: Percent females 0-16 years of age
e303e303e303NumberE3.03: How much did you pay (how much did (item) cost) in total?
pastor_statuspastor_statuspastor_statusTextDERIVED: Pastoralist Status
edmax_noneedmax_noneedmax_noneNumberDERIVED: Highest education level in hh: none
edmax_primedmax_primedmax_primNumberDERIVED: Highest education level in hh: primary
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