Feed the Future Malawi: Baseline Household Survey, Mothers File

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Feed the Future Malawi: Baseline Household Survey, Mothers File

This dataset describes the mothers in the households that participated in this baseline survey. The spreadsheet has 70 columns and 2,856 rows. The Malawi Population-Based Survey (PBS) provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of agriculture and food security in seven districts in the Central and Southern Regions: Mchinji, Lilongwe, Dedza, Ntcheu, Balaka, Machinga, and Mangochi. The PBS was conducted from November 14 to December 22, 2012. The overall objective of the survey is to provide baseline on data living standards, nutritional status, and women's empowerment in agriculture in the Zone Of Influence. A total of 3,397 households in the ZOI were interviewed for the PBS, and these households were spread across 126 rural standard enumeration areas (SEAs) in the seven districts.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
d06d06d06NumberZID Drink water src
h02_yearh02_yearh02_yearNumberZIH Women year
h02_monthh02_monthh02_monthNumberZIH Women month
d04d04d04NumberZID Rooms num
zic_literacyzic_literacyzic_literacyNumberZIC Literacy
h20h20h20NumberZIH Women diet div liver
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberPBS ID
f06f06f06NumberZIF Whl day no eat freq
d02d02d02NumberZID Floor tp
hhwghthhwghthhwghtNumberHousehold weight
h22h22h22NumberZIH Women diet div eggs
h28h28h28NumberZIH Women diet div spice
h18h18h18NumberZIH Women diet div mango
h14h14h14NumberZIH Women diet div grain
beansgrpbeansgrpbeansgrpNumberLegumes and nuts
f03f03f03NumberZIF Sleep hungry yn
c04c04c04NumberZIC Age
h03h03h03NumberZIH Women age
f04f04f04NumberZIF Sleep hungry freq
lfygrngrplfygrngrplfygrngrpNumberVitamin A dark green leafy vegetables
h08h08h08TextZIH Height
h27h27h27NumberZIH Women diet div sweets
zih_age_check_ynzih_age_check_ynzih_age_check_ynNumberZIH Age check yn
a09a09a09NumberHousehold type derived by module C data
zic_school_curzic_school_curzic_school_curNumberZIC School cur
a06a06a06NumberHousehold type derived by module C data
f05f05f05NumberZIF Whl day no eat yn
id_codeid_codeid_codeNumberRespondent ID
h15h15h15NumberZIH Women diet div pumpkin
h24xh24xh24xNumberZIH Women diet div dry lf
h06h06h06TextZIH Cur preg
a02a02a02NumberZIA Cluster cd
f01f01f01NumberZIF No food yn
organgrporgangrporgangrpNumberOrgan meat
countrycountrycountryTextZIA Country
h30h30h30NumberZIH Women diet div palm
foodsumfoodsumfoodsumNumberNumber of Food Groups Consumed 0 9
h29h29h29NumberZIH Women diet div insect
a21a21a21NumberInterview outcome derived by module C data
othvitagrpothvitagrpothvitagrpNumberOther Vitamin A rich vegetables and fruits
h24h24h24NumberZIH Women diet div beans
urbrururbrururbrurNumberUrban Rural 1 urban 2 rural
h25h25h25NumberZIH Women diet div cheese
zic_edu_lvlzic_edu_lvlzic_edu_lvlNumberZIC Edu lvl
h26h26h26NumberZIH Women diet div oil
d03d03d03NumberZID Ext wall tp
h23h23h23NumberZIH Women diet div fish
modf_missingmodf_missingmodf_missingNumberMissing all elements from F
d08d08d08NumberZID Fuel src
d01d01d01NumberZID Roof tp
d07d07d07NumberZID Electr yn
f02f02f02NumberZIF No food freq
grainsgrpgrainsgrpgrainsgrpNumberGrains roots and tubers
d05d05d05NumberZID Toilet tp
h07h07h07TextZIH Weight
milkgrpmilkgrpmilkgrpNumberDairy products milk yogurt cheese
fleshgrpfleshgrpfleshgrpNumberFlesh foods and other misc small animal protein
othfrtgrpothfrtgrpothfrtgrpNumberOther fruits and vegetables
wmwghtwmwghtwmwghtNumberWomen weight
h19h19h19NumberZIH Women diet div fruit
modd_missingmodd_missingmodd_missingNumberMissing all elements from D
h16h16h16NumberZIH Women diet div potato
a05a05a05NumberZIG1 Sex g1
h17h17h17NumberZIH Women diet div leafy
h21h21h21NumberZIH Women diet div meat
c03c03c03NumberZIC Prm resp rel
zih_women_age_rangezih_women_age_rangezih_women_age_rangeNumberZIH Women age range
zic_school_everzic_school_everzic_school_everNumberZIC School ever
c02c02c02NumberZIC Sex

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