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Feed the Future Malawi Interim Survey in the Zone of Infuence, Construction Expenditures Over Past 12 Months

This dataset contains data from sub-Module E5 regarding non-food items that may or may not have been purchased (e.g., construction items such as wood/bamboo poles and thatching grass). It is part of the 2015 Feed the Future Malawi Interim Survey in the Zone of Influence. The survey was designed to monitor program performance by periodic assessments of a number of standardized indicators. A total of 1,021 households were interviewed, which provided data for the target sample size of 1,007 households and ensured the sample is representative of the seven districts covered in the interim assessment. Each household with data for these 2-3 construction items over the past 12 months has multiple records. (Note that there is an “other” category of construction items for records from the harmonized FFP Baseline Survey data.) The unique identifiers in this long file are pbs_id + e504.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
countrycountrycountryTextThese data were collected in Malawi
e508e508e508TextFOR ITEMS THAT WERE BOUGHT: How much did you spend in total on ITEM ?
todaytodaytodayTextThe day of interview as a string variable, MM-DD-YYYY
e505e505e505CheckboxOver the past one year (12 months) did your household gather, purchase, or pay for any ITEM ? (NOTE THAT THE VALUE OF THESE ITEMS SHOULD BE ENTERED ONLY IF THEY WERE PURCHASED OR USED FOR HOUSEHOLD USE, NOT FOR INVESTMENT PURPOSES)
projectprojectprojectTextIdentifies whether the record is used to report on Feed the Future (FTF), Food for Peace (FFP), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), or Project Concern International (PCI) programming. Due to coordinated survey collection, the same record may be used to evalu
ghhtghhtghhtTextDerived gendered household type
strata3strata3strata3TextStratification for subgroup 3
pcc_wt3pcc_wt3pcc_wt3NumberPer capita consumption and poverty weight, subgroup 3
e506ae506ae506aTextWhat was the estimate total quantity of ITEM used? Quantity
subgroup3subgroup3subgroup3CheckboxThe 7-district FTF FEEDBACK ZOI which will include district level data from rural areas only of Michinji, Lilongwe, Dedza, Mangochi, Ntcheu, Balaka, Machinga.
e506be506be506bTextWhat was the estimate total quantity of ITEM used? Unit
e507e507e507NumberFOR ITEMS THAT WERE GATHERED: What was the total estimated value of ITEM that you used?
clusterclusterclusterNumberCluster number
e506ce506ce506cTextDid your household gather the ITEM , or did your household purchase or pay for the ITEM ?
zoizoizoiTextWas the data collected by Westat or ICF?
pbs_idpbs_idpbs_idNumberAdministrative variable for identifying households
surveysurveysurveyTextTwo surveys were administered. This variable identifies whether the survey was the Interim Feed the Future survey or the Baseline Food for Peace survey.
s_hh_wt3s_hh_wt3s_hh_wt3NumberHousehold weights, adjusted for non-response, subgroup 3
urbrururbrururbrurTextLocation type (urban rural)
  • feed_the_future_malawi_interim_survey_in_the_zone
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