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Feed the Future Tajikistan Zone of Influence Population Based Survey, Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index-File 1

The baseline survey in Tajikistan captures data in the Feed the Future Zones of Influence (ZOI), comprised of 12 of the 24 districts in Khatlon province. A total of 2,000 households in the ZOI were surveyed for the PBS data collection activity. These households are spread across 100 standard enumeration areas in the targeted districts. The survey is comprised of ten CSV files: a children's file, a household-level file, a household member level file, a women's file, several files describing consumption, and two files used to construct the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index. This dataset is the first of two datasets needed to calculate the WEAI-related measures. It contains Module G data from the primary adult (18+) female decisionmaker within each household (for the sub-sample of households with a primary adult female decisionmaker).


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
wt_weai_1wt_weai_1wt_weai_1NumberMen s sample weight
urbrururbrururbrurNumberUrban, rural
f01_2f01_2f01_2NumberDerived variable from module G data
activityactivityactivityTextActivities in the last complete 24 hours - code
f01_1f01_1f01_1NumberDerived variable from module G data
a12a12a12NumberAbility to be interviewed alone
a06a06a06NumberType of household:
acodeacodeacodeTextActivities in the last complete 24 hours text.
a05a05a05NumberSex of respondent:
weaiwghtweaiwghtweaiwghtNumberGender specific WEAI weight
a04a04a04NumberDerived variable to indicate primary or secondary respondent to module G
wt_weai_2wt_weai_2wt_weai_2NumberWomen s sample weight
f04bf04bf04bNumberHow satisfied are you with your available time for leisure activities like visiting neighbors, watching TV, listening to the radio, seeing movies or doing sports?
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