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Feed the Future Tanzania Commodity Balance Sheet: Maize

Feed the Future Tanzania Commodity Balance Sheet: Maize

This data asset contains a time series of commodity balance sheets for maize in Tanzania from 2005 to 2016. This secondary data was compiled from various sources and has been utilized in capacity building sessions for specification of a country level partial equilibrium model.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AHahahNumberTanzania maize area harvested (1000 hectares)
OUououNumberTanzania maize other use and losses (1000 tonnes)
FOfofoNumberTanzania maize food use (1000 tonnes)
YLDyldyldNumberTanzania maize yield (t/ha)
PCpcpcNumberTanzania maize consumption per capita (kg/person/year)
ESesesNumberTanzania maize ending stock (1000 tonnes)
IMPimpimpNumberTanzania maize imports (1000 tonnes)
QPqpqpNumberTanzania maize production (1000 tonnes)
EXPexpexpNumberTanzania maize exports (1000 tonnes)
FEfefeNumberTanzania maize feed use (1000 tonnes)
QCqcqcNumberTanzania maize consumption (1000 tonnes)

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