FFSWE Cumulative Bank Trainings FY15-FY19

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FFSWE Cumulative Bank Trainings FY15-FY19

Data collected from bank trainings facilitated by the Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs (FFSWE) project in Mali.

The overarching goals of the FFSWE project are to create a more robust agricultural financial sector in Mali and to fully utilize USAID’s Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantee. Led by International Executive Service Corps (IESC), FFSWE expands access to credit to actors in various value chains in the agriculture sector as well as to women entrepreneurs and associations by building their capacity to become credit worthy borrowers.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
LocationlocationlocationTextLocation of participant
Client NumberclientnumberclientnumberNumberUnique identifier number of client in FFSWE database
Translated Name of TrainingtranslatednameoftrainingtranslatednameoftrainingText
Quarter of TrainingquarteroftrainingquarteroftrainingTextQuarter when participant received training
GendergendergenderTextGender of participant

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