Limpopo Resilience Lab: Mutale Weir Dataset

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Limpopo Resilience Lab: Mutale Weir Dataset

Hydrology and meteorology data from the Mutale Weir, Limpopo, South Africa: 22 deg 46' 21.0" S, 30 deg 32' 11.2" E


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
MINUminuminuNumberMinute of the end of observation, time in SAST (UTC+2)
TRBDtrbdtrbdNumberTurbidity (NTU)
MONTmontmontNumberMonth of observation
YEARyearyearNumberYear of observation
HOURhourhourNumberHour of observation, time in SAST (UTC+2)
DAYNdayndaynNumberDay of observation
PRCPprcpprcpNumberPrecipitation (mm)
SRADsradsradNumberSolar radiation (W/m^2)
APRSaprsaprsNumberAir pressure (kPa)
WDIRwdirwdirNumberWind direction (directional degrees)
CONDcondcondNumberWater conductivity (uS/cm)
TEMPtemptempNumberTemperature (degrees Celcius)
RHMDrhmdrhmdNumberRelative humidity (%)
WSPDwspdwspdNumberWind speed (m/s)
RIVSrivsrivsNumberRiver stage (m above datum)
WTMPwtmpwtmpNumberWater temperature (degrees Celcius)

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