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PREDICT PCR Tests Coronavirus P1

PREDICT PCR Tests Coronavirus P1

This dataset contains the test results of the PREDICT Coronavirus Extension Project, implemented from March 2020 through September 2020 to perform additional coronavirus PCR testing on archived animal specimens. Each record describes the PCR tests conducted and the test results. Multiple tests were conducted for each sample sampled. The tested specimens were collected from 2009 to 2014.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
GenbankAccessionNumbergenbankaccessionnumbergenbankaccessionnumberTextThe accession number to reference this sequence in Genbank. Will be blank for negative results.
SequencesequencesequenceTextThe virus sequence isolated. Will be blank for negative results.
ConfirmationTestTypeconfirmationtesttypeconfirmationtesttypeTextThe type of test performed to confirm results.
VirusvirusvirusTextThe name of the virus detected in the sample. Will be blank for negative results.
InterpretationinterpretationinterpretationTextDescribes the zoonotic potential and threat of the detected virus to human health. Will be blank for negative results.
ConfirmationResultconfirmationresultconfirmationresultTextThe confirmation test result.
ViralFamilyviralfamilyviralfamilyTextThe taxonomic family the virus sequence belongs to. Will be blank for negative and Real-time PCR results.
PREDICT_TestIDpredict_testidpredict_testidNumberThe numeric key to the test.
PREDICT_IndividualIDpredict_individualidpredict_individualidNumberThe numeric key to the individual tested.
LatitudelatitudelatitudeNumberThe GPS location of the centroid of the site where the sample were collected in decimal degrees.
LongitudelongitudelongitudeNumberThe GPS location of the centroid of the site where the sample were collected in decimal degrees.
ViralFamilyTestedviralfamilytestedviralfamilytestedTextThe viral family that the PCR was performed for.
SpeciesScientificNamespeciesscientificnamespeciesscientificnameTextThe scientific name of the animal sampled. If complete genus species is unknown, this will be the next known level of taxonomic classification (i.e. genus, subfamily, family).
TaxaGrouptaxagrouptaxagroupTextThe taxonomic description of animal sampled.
CountrycountrycountryTextThe name of the country where the sampling occurred.
SpecimenIDspecimenidspecimenidTextThe text ID of the specimen used for the test.
TestProtocoltestprotocoltestprotocolTextThe protocol of the PCR test performed and gene targeted.
TestResulttestresulttestresultTextThe result of the PCR test.
SampleDatesampledatesampledateCalendar dateThe date the animal was sampled in the field, if known.
TestTypetesttypetesttypeTextThe type of PCR test performed.
SpecimenTypespecimentypespecimentypeTextThe type of specimen collected.

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