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Annual Anatone Weather Station Measurements, 2008-

This station is commonly called Anatone and is located in Asotin County, Washington. The coordinates of this station are latitude 46.2°, longitude -117.11°, elevation 3101 ft. and can be viewed on the map. The weather station was installed on February 13, 2008, and historical data are available from that date through April 30, 2021. The most recent maintenance of the weather sensors at this station by the AgWeatherNet Team was conducted on April 27, 2021. If you would like more information about this weather station Anatone, historical reports, model predictions, weather projections, or access to run models and decision aids using AgWeatherNet data, please register at our website and log in. This description provided by AgWeatherNet from Washington State University.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AverageRelativeHumidity%averagerelativehumidityaveragerelativehumidityNumberAverage monthly relative humidity
AvgDewPoint-Favgdewpoint_favgdewpoint_fNumberAverage monthly dew point in Farenheit
ETo-ineto_ineto_inNumberTotal monthly reference evapotranspiration of grass
TotalSolarRadMJ/m²totalsolarradmj_mtotalsolarradmj_mNumberTotal solar radiation (in megajoules per square meter) measured for the year
ETr-inetr_inetr_inNumberTotal monthly reference evapotranspiration of alfalfa
Max-Fmax_fmax_fNumberMaximum monthly temperature in degrees Farenheit
AvgWindSpdavgwindspdavgwindspdNumberAverage monthly wind speed
SoilTemp8in-Fsoiltemp8in_fsoiltemp8in_fNumberAverage monthly soil depth at 8 inches in degrees Farenheit
AvgLeafWetnessavgleafwetnessavgleafwetnessNumberAverage monthly leaf wetness
AvgWindDirectionavgwinddirectionavgwinddirectionTextAverage monthly wind direction
SoilTemp2in-Fsoiltemp2in_fsoiltemp2in_fTextAverage monthly soil temperature at 2 inch depth in degrees Farenheit
Year-Monthyear_monthyear_monthTextMonth and year measurement was taken.
WindMaxGustwindmaxgustwindmaxgustNumberMaximum wind gust during the month
Min-Fmin_fmin_fNumberMinimum monthly temperature in degrees Farenheit
Avg-Favg_favg_fNumberAverage monthly temperature in degrees Farenheit
TotPrec-intotprec_intotprec_inNumberTotal monthly precipitation in inches
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