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Asotin County Library Most Circulated Items from Clarkston Branch

This dataset includes the 100 most circulated items from the Clarkston Branch of the Asotin County Library District. The totals reflect activity from a stated six-month time period. It includes items that have been checked out by library patrons as well as those items meant for use inside the library only. The checkout total also includes the number of times an item's due date is extended or renewed during a single checkout period.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TitletitletitleTextName of item
LastCheckoutDatelastcheckoutdatelastcheckoutdateCalendar dateThe date that the item was last checked out by a patron
TotalCheckoutstotalcheckoutstotalcheckoutsNumberThe number of times an item has been checked out during the stated six-month time period
DateRangedaterangedaterangeTextBeginning month and year of checkout range and ending month and year of checkout range ex. (Feb2019-Aug2019)
CallNumbercallnumbercallnumberTextA short code of letters and digits used to show where an item resides on the shelves
ItemCodeitemcodeitemcodeTextInformation on the item's shelving location
ItemTypeitemtypeitemtypeTextThe item type is contained by the item record and is used when defining circulation rules
PublisherpublisherpublisherTextA person or company that prepared the item for sale
AuthorauthorauthorTextName of item creator (First name Last Name)
CopyrightDatecopyrightdatecopyrightdateNumberThe year that copyright was established for the item
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