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Candidate Surplus Funds Reports

This data set contains all the surplus funds C4s filed by a candidate.

This dataset is a best-effort by the PDC to provide a complete set of records as described herewith and may contain incomplete or incorrect information. The PDC provides access to the original reports for the purpose of record verification.

Descriptions attached to this dataset do not constitute legal definitions; please consult RCW 42.17A and WAC Title 390 for legal definitions and additional information regarding political finance disclosure requirements.

CONDITION OF RELEASE: This publication and or referenced documents constitutes a list of individuals prepared by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and may not be used for commercial purposes. This list is provided on the condition and with the understanding that the persons receiving it agree to this statutorily imposed limitation on its use. See RCW 42.56.070(9) and AGO 1975 No. 15.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
person_idperson_idperson_idNumberThe unique ID assigned to a public office holder or candidate. This id is consistent across years and, offices or candidacies and is the preferred id for identifying a natural person.
urlurlurlURLA link to a PDF version of the C4 summary report as it was filed with the PDC.
report_numberreport_numberreport_numberTextThe unique number assigned to a report when it is filed. A 10 character number represents a paper filed report whose data was manually entered into the database. A 9 character number represents an electronically filed report.
metadatametadatametadataTextAt the point is submitted, the PDC automatically calculates totals and subtotals for certain information to make the report information easier to understand. This is primarily information that used to be captured on the forms, prior to electronic filing where the values can be calculated. None of the information in this field is supplied by the filer. The information is semi-structured JSON so that it is machine readable. The schema version of the information mirrors the schema version of the report_data column.
originoriginoriginTextThis column designates what type of report the data was retrieved from.
balancebalancebalanceNumberThis column shows the balance of surplus funds that a candidate reported on the last C4. This balance remains in the account until disposed of per RCW 42.17.
from_datefrom_datefrom_dateCalendar dateA C4 report covers a specific period of time. This column is the start date of the report.
committee_idcommittee_idcommittee_idNumberCommittee ID
raisedraisedraisedNumberThis column is the cumulative total that has been transferred into the account from inception.
attachmentsattachmentsattachmentsTextThe report's attachment urls and all associated metadata in json format. Attachments may include original scanned reports (in the event of electronic filing exmeptions) or additional documentation supplied by the filer. Attachments may not be present on a given report.
yearyearyearNumberThis column is provided to clarify in what year a report is filed. Since a surplus funds account can be active for multiple years, this column is created using the thru_date.
idididTextPDC internal identifier that corresponds to a candidate's surplus funds account. A candidate has only one surplus account which is valid until terminated. There is not an election year associated with a surplus funds account, money is transferred in and spent out of the account until closed.
filer_idfiler_idfiler_idTextThe unique id assigned to a candidate's surplus account. The filer id remains the same throughout years.
filer_namefiler_namefiler_nameTextThe registered name of the surplus funds account.
thru_datethru_datethru_dateCalendar dateA C4 report covers a specific period of time. This column is the end date of the report.
spentspentspentNumberThis column is the cumulative total that has been spent out of the account from inception.
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