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High School Graduate Outcomes - Enrollment by Institution

In which post secondary institutions do graduates of WA public high schools enroll in the first year after HS graduation?


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
PSOrganizationTTLpsorganizationttlpsorganizationttlTextPost secondary institution title
DistTypedisttypedisttypeTextGeography Type (School District, County, etc)
CohortYearTTLcohortyearttlcohortyearttlNumberHigh school Graduation Year
PSEnrollLevelpsenrolllevelpsenrolllevelTextPost secondary level (2 Year/CTC, 4 Year)
PctpctpctNumber% of PS enrolled students attending institution
SchoolTTLschoolttlschoolttlTextSchool Title
DistrictTTLdistrictttldistrictttlTextGeography Title
RedactedPctredactedpctredactedpctTextRedacted % of PS enrolled students attending institution
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