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Imaged Documents and Reports

This data set an index to all PDC imaged reports and documents. Political disclosure reports are included for the last 10 years. Other document types are included based on the PDC record retention schedule or 10 years. The number of years is determined by looking at both the election year and date submitted and including documents that meet either criteria (favoring the inclusion of documents). Each record contains a link to view the actual imaged document or a link on how to request the document for F1 statements of financial affairs.

The dataset includes both original and amended reports and documents. Data consumers must look at the individual documents to determine if a particular document has been superseded by an amendment. For example, a candidate might file a C4 summary report and file an amendment to the report. There is no indicator on the original C4 that it has been amended. For most documents, amendments have the term "AMENDED" as part of the origin field but the original document will not contain any indicator that it has been superseded by an amendment.

Lobbyist L1, L2 and L3 reports are included through 2015 and partial records for 2016. In mid 2016 the PDC discontinued imaging lobbyist L1, L2 and L3 reports. Please refer to the "Lobbyist Compensation and Expenses" dataset or the PDC online filing system at https://accesshub.pdc.wa.gov for the complete 2016 and later lobbyist information. The statement above does not apply to Public Agency Lobbying (L5) reports.

This dataset is a best-effort by the PDC to provide a complete set of records as described herewith and may contain incomplete or incorrect information. The PDC provides access to the original reports for the purpose of record verification.

Descriptions attached to this dataset do not constitute legal definitions; please consult RCW 42.17A and WAC Title 390 for legal definitions and additional information regarding political finance disclosure requirements.

CONDITION OF RELEASE: This publication constitutes a list of individuals prepared by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and may not be used for commercial purposes. This list is provided on the condition and with the understanding that the persons receiving it agree to this statutorily imposed limitation on its use. See RCW 42.56.070(9) and AGO 1975 No. 15.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
legislative_districtlegislative_districtlegislative_districtTextThe Washington State legislative district. This field only applies to candidates where the office is "state senator" or "state representative."
processed_dateprocessed_dateprocessed_dateCalendar dateThe date that the PDC imaged the document and made it publicly available.
typetypetypeTextBroad categorical description of the type of filer or type of document.
urlurlurlURLA link to a PDF version of the original report as it was filed to the PDC. F1 statements of financial affairs must be requested from the PDC. The link provides information on how to make the request. For a specific document, please include the report_number in your request if possible.
report_toreport_toreport_toCalendar dateThis field only applies to disclosure reports that have a specific reporting interval where report_from and report_to describe the interval.
partypartypartyTextThe political party as declared by the candidate or committee on their form C1 registration. Contains only "Major parties" as recognized by Washington State law. This field only applies to candidates and political committees.
election_yearelection_yearelection_yearNumberThe election year in the case of candidates and single election committees. The reporting year for all other documents. For documents other than disclosure reports the election year field may be empty.
receipt_datereceipt_datereceipt_dateCalendar dateThe date the document was marked as received. In most cases, this date will be the postmark of a document received by mail.
officeofficeofficeTextThe office sought by the candidate. This field only applies to candidates.
report_fromreport_fromreport_fromCalendar dateThis field only applies to disclosure reports that have a specific reporting interval where report_from and report_to describe the interval.
idididTextPDC internal identifier that corresponds to a single document. This number uniquely identifies a single row.
report_numberreport_numberreport_numberTextPDC identifier used for tracking the individual forms that have been submitted to the PDC. The report number is unique to the report it represents. When a report is amended, a new report number is assigned that supersedes the original version of the amended report and the original report records are not included in this dataset. The report number can be cross referenced to other datasets such as the contributions and expenditures datasets. Not all documents in this dataset will contain a report_number, particularly documents that are not disclosure reports.
filing_methodfiling_methodfiling_methodTextThis field generally applies only to disclosure reports where "Electronic" indicates filing online. For reports not filed electronically, it's not easy to determine the origin of the reports so they are classified as "other." This includes paper filed reports and all others not filed electronically.
originoriginoriginTextThe coded type of document or report. Please refer to the document_description field for a description of the codes.
document_descriptiondocument_descriptiondocument_descriptionTextA description of the document type based on the origin code. Most documents have a PDC form identifier as part of the description. Please refer to https://www.pdc.wa.gov/learn/forms for detailed information regarding the specific forms, their use and requirements.
filer_idfiler_idfiler_idTextThe unique id assigned to a candidate or political committee, lobbyist, etc. The filer id is consistent across election years with the exception that candidates running for a second office in the same election year will receive a second filer id. There is no correlation between the two filer ids. For a candidate and single-election-year committee such as a ballot committee, the combination of filer_id and election_year uniquely identifies a campaign.
filer_namefiler_namefiler_nameTextThe name of the entity associated with the filer_id or the name of the individual or organization associated with the document when the filer_id is not present. The name may not be consistent across all documents for a single individual. This is most likely due to a name change or and individual choosing to file under a different name.
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