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PCHEES Dashboard - Graduation / Continuation

Continuation and graduation rates for various groups of students. The latest year displayed (AY 2019-20) includes enrollment data but does not include completions. It is likely that a portion of the "Not Found" students will move to the "Graduated" category when that data becomes available.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AcademicYearacademicyearacademicyearTextAcademic Year (Summer-Spring)
GradContStatusgradcontstatusgradcontstatusTextStudent's status at the end of the academic year (Graduated, Continuing, Not Found)
pctStudentspctstudentspctstudentsNumberPercent of students observed in each status category.
DemographicValuedemographicvaluedemographicvalueTextie Asian, Female
DemographicGroupdemographicgroupdemographicgroupTextie Race/Ethnicty, Gender
InstitutioninstitutioninstitutionTextCollege/University Name
Time Period Ytime_period_ytime_period_yTextSame as Time Period with specific years listed (ie Fall 07 to Spring 08)
DemographicSubgroupdemographicsubgroupdemographicsubgroupTextie Race/Ethnicty, Gender
Entering Statusentering_statusentering_statusTextEntering Status (Direct from HS, Transfer, etc)
DemographicSubgroupValuedemographicsubgroupvaluedemographicsubgroupvalueTextie Asian, Female
Time Periodtime_periodtime_periodTextTime period of the observation (ie Fall Year 1 to Spring Year 1)
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