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PCHEES Dashboard - Graduation / Continuation

Continuation and graduation rates for various groups of students. The latest year displayed (AY 2019-20) includes enrollment data but does not include completions. It is likely that a portion of the "Not Found" students will move to the "Graduated" category when that data becomes available.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
pctStudentspctstudentspctstudentsNumberPercent of students observed in each status category.
DemographicValuedemographicvaluedemographicvalueTextie Asian, Female
DemographicGroupdemographicgroupdemographicgroupTextie Race/Ethnicty, Gender
InstitutioninstitutioninstitutionTextCollege/University Name
Time Period Ytime_period_ytime_period_yTextSame as Time Period with specific years listed (ie Fall 07 to Spring 08)
DemographicSubgroupdemographicsubgroupdemographicsubgroupTextie Race/Ethnicty, Gender
Entering Statusentering_statusentering_statusTextEntering Status (Direct from HS, Transfer, etc)
DemographicSubgroupValuedemographicsubgroupvaluedemographicsubgroupvalueTextie Asian, Female
Time Periodtime_periodtime_periodTextTime period of the observation (ie Fall Year 1 to Spring Year 1)
AcademicYearacademicyearacademicyearTextAcademic Year (Summer-Spring)
GradContStatusgradcontstatusgradcontstatusTextStudent's status at the end of the academic year (Graduated, Continuing, Not Found)
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