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Report Card Assessment Data 2018-19 School Year

This file includes Report Card assessment data from 2018-19 school year. Data is disaggregated by school, district, and the state level and includes counts of students by the following groups: grade level, gender, race/ethnicity, and student programs and special characteristics. Please review the notes below for more information.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Percent No Scorepercent_no_scorepercent_no_scoreTextPercent of students that were not given a score
PercentMetTestedOnlypercentmettestedonlypercentmettestedonlyTextPercent of Students that met Standard (using only students that tested as denominator)
PercentLevel4percentlevel4percentlevel4TextPercent of students that scored level 3: proficient
PercentLevel3percentlevel3percentlevel3TextPercent of students that scored level 3: proficient
PercentLevel2percentlevel2percentlevel2TextPercent of students that scored level 2: not proficient
PercentLevel1percentlevel1percentlevel1TextPercent of students that scored level 1: not proficient
PercentMetStandardpercentmetstandardpercentmetstandardTextA percent of students that met standard (CountMetStandard divided by Count of Students expected to test including previously passed)
CountMetStandardcountmetstandardcountmetstandardTextCount of students expected to test (including students the previously passed the assessment)
Count of students expected to test including previously passedcount_of_students_expected_to_test_including_previously_passedcount_of_students_expected_to_test_including_previously_passedTextOf the students that were expected to test, this is the count of students that met standard. Includes students that previously passed the assessment
Count of Students Expected to Testcount_of_students_expectedcount_of_students_expectedTextCount of students expected to test (excluding students the previously passed the assessment)
SuppressionsuppressionsuppressionTextThis field designates if suppression was applied to the row
Test Administration (group)test_administration_grouptest_administration_groupTextGeneral, Alternate, or Other. This field designates the type of assessment General refers to the standard SBAC (ELA & Math) and WCAS (Science) assessments, Alternate designates the AIM (ELA, math, and science assessments), Other designates the English Learner Progress Assessment (ELPA)
StudentGroupstudentgroupstudentgroupTextA subgroup of StudentGroupType. designates specific gender, race/ethnicity, or programs and characteristics associated with the data.
StudentGroupTypestudentgrouptypestudentgrouptypeTextGender, Race/Ethnicity, Student Programs and Characteristics
SchoolOrganizationidschoolorganizationidschoolorganizationidTextUnique school ID
SchoolCodeschoolcodeschoolcodeTextUnique school code
DistrictCodedistrictcodedistrictcodeTextUnique district code
ESDNameesdnameesdnameTextEducational Servce DIstrict Name
DistrictOrganizationIddistrictorganizationiddistrictorganizationidTextunique district ID
SchoolYearschoolyearschoolyearTextThe school year the test was administered
TestSubjecttestsubjecttestsubjectTextDesignates the tested subject: Science, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, ELPA, and WIDA
TestAdministrationtestadministrationtestadministrationTextThis field designates the assessment: Access to Instruction and Measurement (AIM), Smarter Ballance Assessment Consortium (SBAC), Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS), and English Learner Progress Assessment (ELPA)
ESDOrganizationIDesdorganizationidesdorganizationidTextEducational Servce DIstrict ID
DataAsOfdataasofdataasofCalendar dateDate data was extracted
OrganizationLevelorganizationlevelorganizationlevelTextThis field designates if the data is for a school, district, or the state.
  • report_card_assessment_data_201819_school_year
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