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Report Card Graduation 2018-19

This file includes Report Card Graduation data for the 2018-19 school year. This data is disaggregated by the school, district, and state levels and includes counts and graduation rates of students by the following groups: grade level, gender, race/ethnicity, and student programs and special characteristics. Please review the notes below for more information and notes for downloading this data.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
ContinuingcontinuingcontinuingNumberCount of students that continue their education and re-enroll the following year
FinalCohortfinalcohortfinalcohortNumberDenominator final count of students in the cohort adjusting for students that transfer in and transfer out.
Year1Dropoutyear1dropoutyear1dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 1 year
BegginingGrade9beggininggrade9beggininggrade9Numberount students that begain 9th grade within the organization
SchoolCodeschoolcodeschoolcodeNumberUnique school code
GraduationRategraduationrategraduationrateNumberRate of students that graduated. count of students that graduate divided by the count of students in the final adjusted cohort.
GraduategraduategraduateNumberCount of students that graduated.
TransferOuttransferouttransferoutNumberCount of students that transfered out during their 9=12 grade years.
Year7Dropoutyear7dropoutyear7dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 7 years
Year6Dropoutyear6dropoutyear6dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 6 years
Year4Dropoutyear4dropoutyear4dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 4 years
Year3Dropoutyear3dropoutyear3dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 3 years
Year2Dropoutyear2dropoutyear2dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 2 years
TransferIntransferintransferinNumberCount of students that transfered in during their 9-12 grade years
SchoolOrganizationidschoolorganizationidschoolorganizationidNumberUnique school id
DistrictOrganizationIddistrictorganizationiddistrictorganizationidNumberUnique district Id
DropoutdropoutdropoutNumberCount of students that drop out and do not plan on returning
Year5Dropoutyear5dropoutyear5dropoutNumberCount of students that dropped out after 5 years
SuppressionsuppressionsuppressionTextDesignate if suppression was applied and why
DistrictCodedistrictcodedistrictcodeNumberUnique district code
DataAsOfdataasofdataasofCalendar dateDate that this data was pulled.
CohortcohortcohortText4-year, 5-year, 6-year, or 7-year cohort
CurrentSchoolTypecurrentschooltypecurrentschooltypeTextCode designating the type of school.
OrganizationLevelorganizationlevelorganizationlevelTextSchool, district, county, or state
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