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LRS Block Segments

This dataset is an LRS event to be used in conjunction with the base LRS geometries at, the Location column provided is a dynamic segmentation of the event based on the LRS geometries.

This event provides information on the street classifications, address ranges, number of lanes, and direction of City of Winnipeg streets.

Values for the Oneway column are as follows:

0 – The street is a two-way street

1 – The one-way direction is opposite the digitized direction

2 – The one-way direction is the same as the digitized direction


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameText
Street Qualifierstreet_qualifierstreet_qualifierText
Begin Measurebegin_measurebegin_measureNumber
End Measureend_measureend_measureNumber
Block IDblock_idblock_idNumber
Street Qualfiier Secondarystreet_qualfiier_secondarystreet_qualfiier_secondaryTextFurther categorizes different parts of the same street. For example, segments in a roundabout could have a Street Qualifier of "A" and a Street Qualifier Secondary of "Traffic Circle"
Address From Leftaddress_from_leftaddress_from_leftNumber
Address To Leftaddress_to_leftaddress_to_leftNumber
Address From Rightaddress_from_rightaddress_from_rightNumber
Address To Rightaddress_to_rightaddress_to_rightNumber
Number of Lanesnumber_of_lanesnumber_of_lanesNumber
Street Classstreet_classstreet_classText
Street Type Secondarystreet_type_secondarystreet_type_secondaryText
OnewayonewayonewayNumberDesignates what direction traffic flows along the segment. 0 = two way street. 1 = one way street in the opposite direction of the segment's geometry. 2 = one way street in the same direction as the segment's geometry
  • lrs_block_segments
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