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EPA Air Quality Data - Pollutants

Daily air quality data collected by the EPA Air Quality Service (AQS), from 1990-2021. This dataset includes air quality statistics from AQS monitors in the area surrounding Cambridge (Kenmore, Roxbury, Von Hillern, Chelsea). Each contains a parameter code which specifies one of the six pollutants for which the EPA AQS has an Air Quality Index (AQI).

Information on how to interpret AQI values can be found here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
AQIaqiaqiNumberThe Air Quality Index for the day for the pollutant, if applicable.
Site Namelocal_site_namelocal_site_nameTextThe name of the site (if any) given by the State, local, or tribal air pollution control agency that operates it.
Sample Durationsample_durationsample_durationTextThe length of time that air passes through the monitoring device before it is measured.
Measurement Unitunits_of_measureunits_of_measureTextThe unit of measure for the parameter.
Pollutant Standardpollutant_standardpollutant_standardTextA description of the ambient air quality standard rules used to aggregate statistics.
MethodmethodmethodTextA short description of the processes, equipment, and protocols used in gathering and measuring the sample.
Event Typeevent_typeevent_typeTextIndicates whether data measured during exceptional events (such as a wildfire) are included in the summary.
Observation Countobservation_countobservation_countNumberThe number of observations (samples) taken during the day.
Daily Maximumfirst_max_valuefirst_max_valueNumberThe highest value for the day.
Parameter Codeparameter_codeparameter_codeTextThe AQS (Air Quality System) code corresponding to the parameter (pollutant) measured by the monitor.
ParameterparameterparameterTextThe name or description assigned in AQS to the parameter measured by the monitor.
Datedate_localdate_localCalendar dateThe calendar date for the summary.
Observation Percentobservation_percentobservation_percentNumberThe percent representing the number of observations taken with respect to the number scheduled to be taken during the day.
Averagearithmetic_meanarithmetic_meanNumberThe average (arithmetic mean) value for the day.
Hour of Maximumfirst_max_hourfirst_max_hourNumberThe hour (on a 24-hour clock) when the highest value for the day was taken.
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