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Resident and Visitor Parking Permits

This dataset contains a list of both Residential Parking Permits and Visitor Parking Permits. The Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department’s Permit Year spans from November 1st through October 31st of the following year. The Parking Permit renewal period spans from November 1st through January 31st of the following year. This dataset will be updated semi-annually at the end of the Permit Year, and at the end of the Parking Permit renewal period, to provide users with updated information from before and after permit renewals occur. This dataset currently includes permit data for the entirety of 2017 and through January 31 of the 2018 permit year.

The dataset identifies the Census Block that each parking permit is located in.

The first person that applies for a Resident Parking Permit will automatically receive that household’s single Visitor Parking Permit with their Resident Permit. For households without a vehicle or those who only require a Visitor Parking Permit, the associated fee is $25.00, except for Senior Residents (age 65 or older) or persons with disabilities.

The Account Number field is associated with the first resident in a household who applied for either a Resident Parking Permit or a Visitor Parking Permit. If the resident applied for a Resident Parking Permit they should have an associated Visitor Parking Permit with the same Account Number.

Each permit is characterized by a permit type. The permit types in this dataset include:

A1: Standard Cambridge residential parking permit.

A2: Replacement residential permit.

A3: Senior resident permit.

G1: Visitor permit, no resident permit.

G2: Visitor permit with Resident Permit.

G3: Senior Visitor Permit Only.

A Senior Resident could have both an A3 and G3 permit, or just a G3 permit.

Resident Parking Permits allow Cambridge residents to park their vehicles, including motorcycles, in locations throughout the City posted "Parking by Permit Only". The purpose of the City's Resident Parking regulation is to maximize the availability of parking for Cambridge residents while discouraging long-term parking on residential streets near commercially zoned areas or transportation access points.

Visitor Parking Permits are provided to Cambridge residents for use by their guests to park near the residents’ homes. When placed on the dashboard, it may be used for up to three consecutive days in locations signed as “Parking by Permit Only” in the geographic area shown on the map on the back of the visitor permits or here on the Traffic and Parking Department’s website.

Querying over HTTP

Splitgraph serves as an HTTP API that lets you run SQL queries directly on this data to power Web applications. For example:

curl \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
{"sql": "
    SELECT *
    FROM \"cambridgema-gov/resident-and-visitor-parking-permits-khuw-r9f4\".\"resident_and_visitor_parking_permits\"
    LIMIT 100 

See the Splitgraph documentation for more information.

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