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43rd Ward Resident Survey - 2022

In association with the July/August 2022 process for 43rd ward residents to apply for the opportunity to fill the aldermanic vacancy in that ward, residents were also invited to fill out an online survey, seeking their opinions on issues. The results of that survey are shown in this dataset.

Respondents were presented with eight issues plus "other" and asked to rank each one as being between Not a Priority (1) and Urgent Priority (5). There was no limit to how often each ranking could be used, although respondents were encouraged to rank only a few issues as Urgent Priority.

The final question was free text, intended to capture descriptions of "other" issues but if the respondent provided other text, it is included except in limited cases where it is redacted for privacy or similar reasons.

Please note that the survey is not and was not intended to be a random sample or otherwise scientifically or statistically valid. There were no formal barriers to people not residents of the 43rd ward responding, people responding more than once, or other things of that nature. It was intended only as a simple tool to collect such information as people cared to submit and should be interpreted in that spirit.

A copy of the original survey is at

Querying over HTTP

Splitgraph serves as an HTTP API that lets you run SQL queries directly on this data to power Web applications. For example:

curl \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
{"sql": "
    SELECT *
    FROM \"cityofchicago/43rd-ward-resident-survey-2022-7gvq-8q3x\".\"43rd_ward_resident_survey_2022\"
    LIMIT 100 

See the Splitgraph documentation for more information.

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