City Employee Payroll (Current)

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City Employee Payroll (Current)

Payroll information for all Los Angeles City Employees including the City's three proprietary departments: Water and Power, Airports and Harbor. Data is updated bi-weekly by the Los Angeles City Controller's Office. Payroll information for employees of the Department of Water and Power is updated every three months.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
EMPLOYMENT_TYPEemployment_typeemployment_typeTextEmployment Type - Full Time, Part Time, or Per Event
OVERTIME_PAYovertime_payovertime_payNumberPayments attributable to hours worked beyond regular work schedule
TOTAL_PAYtotal_paytotal_payNumberSum of regular, overtime and all other payments
CITY_RETIREMENT_CONTRIBUTIONScity_retirement_contributionscity_retirement_contributionsNumberEstimated payments made by the City towards employee's retirement.
BENEFIT_PAYbenefit_paybenefit_payNumberCity contribution for the employee's health care, dental care, vision care, and life insurance
GENDERgendergenderTextGender as self-reported by employee
RECORD_NBRrecord_nbrrecord_nbrTextUnique number to identify an employee
PAY_YEARpay_yearpay_yearNumberTax year employee was paid. This is not Fiscal Year.
MOUmoumouTextMemorandum of Understanding
DEPARTMENT_TITLEfms_department_titlefms_department_titleTextTitle of City Department
ETHNICITYethnicityethnicityTextEthnicity as self-reported by employee
ALL_OTHER_PAYall_other_payall_other_payNumberAny payments other than Regular and Overtime. This includes bonuses, adjustments, and lump sum payouts. Examples of bonuses include Permanent, Longevity, and Temporary Bonuses. Lump Sum Pay includes significant one-time payouts due to retirement, lawsuit settlements, or other adjustments.
JOB_TITLEjob_titlejob_titleTextJob Title
JOB_STATUSjob_statusjob_statusTextEmployee's job status at the time the data was uploaded
DEPARTMENT_NOfms_deptfms_deptNumberDepartment Number in City Payroll System
REGULAR_PAYregular_payregular_payNumberRegular work hours payment
JOB_CLASS_PGRADEjob_class_pgradejob_class_pgradeTextJob Class and Pay Grade
MOU_TITLEmou_titlemou_titleTextTitle of Memorandum of Understanding

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