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Summer Meal Programs - All Summer Sites - Contact and Program Participation Information - Program Period 2020

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<b>About the Dataset</b><br>

This dataset contains <b>contact and program participation information for summer meal sites approved by TDA to operate between March 2020 and September 2020 (Program Year 2020). </b> Summer meal programs typically operate June through the end of August. <p>

In March 2020, USDA began allowing flexibility in nutrition assistance program policies in order to support continued meal access should the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) impact meal service operation. Sites participating in these flexibilities are indicated in the <b><i>COVID Meal Site or Oct-May Claims columns.</b></i> For more information on the waivers implemented for this purpose, please visit our website at <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">SquareMeals.org</a>. <p>

An overview of <b>all summer meal program data available</b> on the Texas Open Data Portal can be found at our <b><i> <a href=https://data.texas.gov/stories/s/52en-tt82 target="_blank">TDA Data Overview - Summer Meal Programs</a> </b></i>page.<p>

An overview of <b>all TDA Food and Nutrition data available</b> on the Texas Open Data Portal can be found at our <b><a href=https://data.texas.gov/stories/s/TDA-Data-Overview-Food-and-Nutrition-Programs-Open/nk79-w2cs/ target="_blank">TDA Data Overview - Food and Nutrition Open Data</a></b> page. <p>

<b>More information about accessing and working with TDA data on the Texas Open Data Portal</b> can be found on the SquareMeals.org website on the <b><a href=http://www.squaremeals.org/FandNResources/PublicInformationRequests/TDAFoodandNutritionOpenData.aspx target="_blank">TDA Food and Nutrition Open Data</a> </b>page.<p>

<b>About Dataset Updates</b><br>

TDA aims to post new program participation data by April 1 of the active program year. Due to the short duration of the summer meal programs, updates to the program participation dataset will occur every two weeks until the end of August. <p>

All TDA datasets will have a final active update 90 days after the close of the program period. Datasets will be updated at six months and one year from the close of program period before becoming archived. <b>Any data posted during the active update schedule is subject to change.</b><p>

<b>A detailed list of TDA Food and Nutrition datasets and data fields available on the Texas Open Data Portal can be downloaded as a PDF <a href=http://www.squaremeals.org/Portals/8/files/PIR/TDA%20Food%20and%20Nutrition%20Data%20Fields%20and%20Definitions.pdf target="_blank">here</a>.</b></i><p>

<b>About the Agency</b><br>

The Texas Department of Agriculture administers 12 U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrition programs in Texas including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and summer meal programs. TDA’s Food and Nutrition division provides technical assistance and training resources to partners operating the programs and oversees the USDA reimbursements they receive to cover part of the cost associated with serving food in their facilities. By working to ensure these partners serve nutritious meals and snacks, the division adheres to its mission — <i>Feeding the Hungry and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles.</i><p>

<i><b>For more information on these programs, please visit us at <a href=http://www.SquareMeals.org target="_blank">SquareMeals.org</a>.</b></i><br>

Querying over HTTP

Splitgraph serves as an HTTP API that lets you run SQL queries directly on this data to power Web applications. For example:

curl https://data.splitgraph.com/sql/query/ddn \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
{"sql": "
    SELECT *
    FROM \"texas-gov/summer-meal-programs-all-summer-sites-contact-and-c8jp-i4jb\".\"summer_meal_programs_all_summer_sites_contact_and\"
    LIMIT 100 

See the Splitgraph documentation for more information.

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